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Your first trial in attempting to work your way through college is often the daunting prospect of the admission essay. You’ve spent most of your life trying to figure out what you want to be and now you need to suddenly shift gears and explain why. Admission essay questions come in all forms, but their primary purpose is to discover something personal about you and how can you be useful at that particular educational institution. Our writers will help you identify what to write about and how to effectively present yourself.

Goals of the Admission Essay

Getting to know you

Colleges formulate admission essay questions in a way that allows them to get a sense of the potential student's individual personality. Questions may require you to reveal something about your personal background such as an experience or an important figure as you consider why you would respond to a given situation in a particular way. This type of essay provides plenty of opportunity for the writer to highlight your individual strengths or illustrate how you have overcome any particular weaknesses.

Discovering your educational background

No matter what question they ask, college boards are able to determine to some degree the type of educational background you have had. Your use of language and the clarity of expression can say a great deal about what you have learned in the past as well as your ability to relate these lessons to your personal life. Through a close interaction between you and your personal writer, your admission essay can be polished to convey a sense of you at your personal best without worry of misrepresentation.

Determining your commitment

Admission essays are sometimes deliberately worded to give the writer a sense of frustration at the impossible task ahead. This is not just to make you crazy, but is intended to show the college how you react under pressure. By completing the essay, you prove dedication and ability to overcome challenges. We can help by taking your story and turning it into something that demonstrates the unique individual you are and the skills you have.

Now that you know what the college is looking for in your admission essay, you should realize your goal is not just to write a good paper, but to sell yourself and your abilities. This isn’t easy because the sell can’t be obvious, but it has to be good enough to stand out from the crowd. Our writers will work closely with you to discover those elements of your personality that will appeal to your college of choice.

It should be expected that more detailed information about your life will be necessary in order to create an accurate portrayal of who you are and what your goals are. While the writer may require some personal information to be able to provide a good paper, this does not need to be identifying information. If you can provide general information about your hobbies, education, career goals or basic life experiences, our writers can begin developing your admission essay.

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