American History Research Paper Topics

There are Numerous American History Research Paper Topics to Choose From

Students find it difficult to select an appropriate topic from the innumerable number of American History Research Paper Topics. However, topic selection is the first task in writing a research paper. Once a topic area is identified, it should be narrowed down to a manageable scope by limiting it to a specific event, personality, period or an aspect of the American History. Most curriculums of American History start from the “Discovery of America” by Europeans. Christopher Columbus’ landing on America on 12th October 1492 is accepted as the discovery of America. However, there are evidences that Chinese and Norse explorers had discovered America long before this. While debate continues on this point, it is advisable to select topics for a research paper from any era proceeding 1492 after Columbus’s discovery.



Students writing term papers on American History should consider the basic principles applicable for a good research topic. These apply the same for a research paper of any study discipline. Selecting the appropriate topic lays the foundation for writing a research paper that has the potential for an impressive grade. Here are some valuable tips for selecting good American History Research Paper Topics that has the merit to produce A + grades.


  • The topic should be able to accommodate the assignment requirements. For instance, if it requires you to visit a museum and gather primary data, then the topic should be selected, keeping this in mind.
  • Select a topic that is interesting for you and a one which your supervisor approves of.
  • Select a narrow, specific topic to address such as a specific event, a historic personality, a brief period, a social trend in history or any other applicable aspect.
  • The topic selected must be easy to research, and should have enough information and date that is accessible to the student.

The periods of American history studied under different curriculums can be different. Taking into consideration the main political, social, Cultural and other transformations, commonly studied periods and some selected sample American History Research Paper Topics are given below.

  • Discovery of America and colonization (1492-1763): The Stamp Act, The Boston Tea Party
  • American Revolution (1764-1789): Declaration of Independence, The creation of the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution
  • Expansion towards West & reform (1829-1859): The Trail of Tears, The Indian Removal Act
  • Civil War (1860-1865): Formation of the Confederacy, The Civil War
  • Reconstruction after the Civil War (1866-1877): Reconstruction, The assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  • Golden Era (1878-1889): Homestead Act, The Dawes Act
  • Era of Progress (1890-1913): The Boxer Rebellion, The Panama Canal
  • World War I (1914-1928): World War I, Women's suffrage
  • Depression & WWII (1929-1945): The Great Depression
  • Cold war Era (1946 -1991): The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Montgomery bus boycott, The space race and the moon landing
  • Super power (1991- Present): Gulf war of 1991, Alleged Rigging of 2000 presidential election results, September 11th Terrorist attack

While some students find the subject of American History to be interesting, many may struggle with the subject. Most find it hard to follow the timelines while others find the subject not interesting. If you are facing any difficulties in selecting a good American History Research Paper Topic or writing an impressive paper, do not hesitate to seek help. Professional research and term paper assistance is available from, at affordable charges. Thousands of students have received invaluable assistance from  to present research papers that score outstanding grades. We guarantee your success in research papers through advice, writing tips, and help with topic selection as well as providing custom written papers. Writer panel of comprises of experts and scholars from various disciplines of studies. Your American History paper will be handled by our best history writers.

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