APA Style Research Paper

Write the APA Style Research Paper According to APA Guidelines

Students following social science disciplines are required to write APA Style Research Paper which complies with APA formatting rules. APA is the abbreviation for American Psychological Association and APA style of formatting was initially introduced in 1929 by the association for its members for writing articles and books. The current version in use is the sixth edition that was published in 2009. This style is one of the most widely accepted of research paper formatting styles and a good knowledge of this format is beneficial to any student pursuing higher education.

Generally, most students are only familiar with the APA rules that pertain to research paper citing. However, this knowledge may not be sufficient to write an APA Style Research paper. APA guidelines stated in the current edition “The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association” Sixth Edition cover many more aspects of academic writings other than the reference citing component. The broad areas covered by APA Publication Manual are:

  • Ethics involved in writing and publishing
  • Rules on determining authorship, duplicate publication, plagiarism disguising participants, and allowing for data verification.
  • Standards for reporting empirical research with clarity and precision;
  • Guidelines for formatting papers including headings, footnotes and fonts both for typewriting and electronic word processing.
  • Rules to promote the currently used language and guidelines for the using of historic language.
  • Use of Tables, Statistics, Pictures, Graphs and Diagrams
  • Use of electronic data presentation
  • Rules for citing references, both printed and electronic sources.

Students will be rewarded with a deep insight into the research and academic writing process if they were to read and study the full text of the APA manual. However, the focus of the APA system is to create uniformity in the research paper style by prescribing a standard for formatting and referencing of sources. Main components of an APA Style Research Paper include front matter, body, and appendices. For detailed descriptions of formatting rules, students should refer to the Publication Manual or on-line resources of the APA.

The front matter of the APA research papers consists of the Title page, dedications, acknowledgement, abstract and the table of contents. The title page of the APA Style Research Paper will contain title of the paper, name of the author, name of the institution and the degree for which the research paper is being submitted for. A running header indicating the work title is prescribed to be stated at the top left hand margin. Abstract of the paper shall be a concise overview of the research work, incorporating information on the topic of the research paper, research questions, methodology, and the final findings and conclusions. The APA standards specify that the abstract should be restricted to 120 to 150 words.

Citing of references is one of the most important aspects of APA writing style. There are guidelines for in-text citations and formulating the reference list. There are separate rules for citing books, journals, conference proceedings, electronic documents and these needs to be complied with, in writing a proper APA paper.

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