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The Art & Science of Writing Art Term Papers


Art term papers are an important component of assessment coursework which students pursuing art coursework must attend to. The writing of these term papers can be challenging if the proper method of writing is not understood and applied. Many students pursuing Art studies are artistically inclined but may not enjoy the theoretical writing aspects of coursework. However, when Art is chosen as a discipline of study, both theoretical and practical learning are equally important. Therefore, students of Art need to learn not only the performing component of art but also the science of term paper writing. Acceptable approach to a term paper on art depends partially on the field of art and also on the assignment requirements. Some term papers combine practical components with the theory where students may need to develop and present an artistic creation. The term paper is then used as a medium of describing the process utilized and the final creation. Others may focus on various theories, processes, history and other elements related to the field of art in context.

Art term paper writing can discuss a famous artist, the history of art, or the manner in which the art was created. If discussing a famous artist, students will have to ensure that the artist was in fact, famous enough to warrant being written about. Writing on obscure and unheard of artists can spark curiocity but the student may find it difficult to gather sufficient information which is needed for the term paper. Since term papers are lengthy documents running up to 5,000 words, the chosen topic must ensure information availability to facilitate smooth progression of writing.

Similarly, when writing art term papers on the history of a particular art, students need to ensure that they focus on a particular period in history. Eras of Art are marked by distinct themes, styles, mediums and messages which can be observed in art of Renaissance period, Prehistoric era, Egyptian era or the Impressionism period to name a few. Each of this periods offer scope of interesting topics for a research paper or a term paper. Term papers written on this type of art topics needs to be informative, descriptive and accurate. Facts and details related to time lines, artists and the titles of the works of arts must be properly cited using appropriate citation styles. By choosing a topic area that can impart useful knowledge of the subject to the reader, students can aspire for excellent grades.

Some of the term papers for art may take the form of a creation report or a development report. Here the student must describe, in process writing style, the various aspects involved in the creation of an artistic work. It may be a painting, a song, a composition, a sonata, a film, a music video or a play. Such papers need to combine eloquence of art with the soundness of theoretical backbone which needs to underpin the student’s creation. Even if the student initiated the creation without any theoretical restraints, he or she should be able to interpret through an appropriate theoretical lens.

Writing art term papers can be challenging. It requires a marriage free spirited artistic talent with the methodical and systematic academic knowledge of the subject. Many Art students can create outstanding works of art or make intriguing and piquant interpretations on existing work. But when it comes to writing, they may simply lack the interest or the dedication required for the task. This is where the option of term paper assistance becomes a true life saver.

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