Research Paper Proposal Example

Research Paper Proposal Examples should be well worded

When you think of using a research paper proposal example as a guideline, please remember that you use the services of a good writing firm. Not all firms are like us. There are many who will promise you quite a bit, but fall very short of their tall promises. Therefore, it is a good idea to know a thing or two about writing a good proposal for your research paper.

Good research paper proposal examples should contain the following:

  • A clear indication of the kind of research that you are going to undertake. For instance, let us imagine that your paper will be about the emerging field of Epigenetics. You are going to explain what this kind of study is all about and you are also going to focus on the work that a couple of authors have done in the past. Therefore, in your proposal, make these points very clearly. You would not be doing yourself a great justice, if you just gloss over what you intend doing. Put your ideas across without beating around the bush.
  • Your proposal should indicate that you have done a considerable quantum of research into the topic. Do not think you can write a proposal without doing any study first. This would turn out to be a fiasco because you will not be able to put forth ideas clearly for the simple reason that you don’t know what to write about! Therefore, take the time to study your topic and also understand the kind of research you will be doing on it. Remember that a bad research paper proposal example will be a sketchy piece of writing without intentions clearly mentioned.
  • By including a few quotations and sources, you will indicate that you have gone through the supporting information on the topic. You have not done an off-the-cuff presentation, which is a point that will be in your favour. By presenting these quotes, you have proved that your study into the subject is not skin-deep.
  • Formatting is an important part of any research paper proposal. It does not matter whether it is a short or a long presentation. What is important here is what it contains. Take your time before you write it down.
  • Using an outline before making your proposal would be a good technique to follow. This outline could specify what you want to say and how you are going to say it. In fact, these outlines are specially useful when you intend using a certain methodology to analyse the data that you have collected.
  • Last, but not the least, is to keep a time-line ready. If your professor requests it, then you can hand it over to him. If he does not ask for it, make sure you keep it safe. This will ensure that you keep to a particular time frame without veering too much away from the specified task.
  • As a student you are aware of the fact that well worded proposals are the foundations of good papers. Check the research paper proposal examples on this site before you decide to use any other.

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