Research paper table of content

Research paper table of contents- the essence of a good research paper

Research paper table of contents is a key component of research paper formatting. Once you have done your research paper outlining, the first thing to do now is to break down your research paper into logical pieces of information. It is this logical pieces of information which appears on your research paper table of content. It is also advisable to break your whole research paper into two separate logical parts which can be shown with topic details in your table of content.

Some tips that would help you to create your table of content:

  • Place the contents of the paper in the following order: title page, paper abstract, outline or table of contents, list of illustrations, the text of the paper, footnotes or endnotes, bibliography and index.
  • Write a paper abstract on a separate page. Type a brief summary of either the form or content of your paper.
  • Develop outlines prior to the final paper. To make a table of contents, simply rework your outline by adding the appropriate page numbers of the items and sections you’ve outlined.
  • If you look at the definition of a table of content, it is nothing but a list of sub-topics or headings with their page numbers. A table of content in research paper is the first thing that an observer reads; hence you need to be very careful in structuring it properly.
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    For your reference, a typical research paper table of content would look this way:


    Part A
    I. Introduction
    II. Writing the Text of the Research Paper
    III. Resources for Research
    IV. Evaluation and Selection of Resources
    V. Giving Credit to Avoid Plagiarism
    VI. Documenting a Paper: When and How
    VII. Evaluation Checklist for Final Copy

    Part B
    I. American Chemical Society Style – ACS
    II. American Psychological Association Style – APA
    III.. The Council of Science Editors Style – CSE
    IV. Modern Language Association Style – MLA
    V. Abstracts and Annotations

    Works Cited
    Works Consulted

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