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A common assignment made by instructors is the series of short answer questions. Not an essay and not a dissertation, where are you going to go for help? Although most of our work is in the area of research writing, one of our primary goals is helping you achieve your educational goals. If you need help with your coursework, let us assist you by discovering the answers you need.

Like our longer assignments that can vary in length and difficulty, there is a number of coursework assignments that may be causing you more stress than you care to admit.

Research proposals

Not full papers and not multiple choice, these writing assignments typically lead you into longer research papers or other work. They can range in difficulty from just trying to narrow down your research approach to developing full proposals for submission or acceptance. In the former, you might have too many ideas to make sense of them or you might not have a clue as to what the instructor is asking. Our writers can assist you focus on the main issue of the question and select a topic that suits your personality and understanding. In the case of the more formal research proposal, there is usually an expected format or a number of elements required and you have to do some initial research in order to formulate the question. Learn all about how we might assist your process by visiting our research paper page.

Short answers

As experts in our individual fields, our writers are able to answer short answer questions with a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail as they are able to address your longer research paper assignments. We understand that sometimes short answer assignments can take a great deal more time than longer assignments because of the wide variety of issues the questions might address and the need to discover numerous sources to apply an appropriate answer. In the end, there may not be as much written material produced, but the amount of work can sometimes exceed the work required for a longer essay. We can take these types of time-consuming coursework materials off of your hands and return quality results within a reasonable time period.

Annotated bibliographies

Annotated bibliographies are lists of possible source materials to be used for a future writing assignment. They typically include full referencing of the source, a brief summary of the content and an analysis of the credibility of the source. Although this type of paper does not look like much in the writing, it does require you to find the source material, read through it in order to write the summary and then analyze it in the final stage, perhaps relating it to the point of your essay. If you don’t have time to devote to this kind of assignment, we can assist you at a variety of levels.

These are just a few examples of the coursework requirements we may assist you with. While writing is our primary activity, this also qualifies us for a number of other assignments you may receive. Contact us to find out more!

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