Format of Research Paper

Format of Research Papers should Comply with the Requisite Standards

Students pursuing higher level academic studies will have to submit research papers for various subject areas. In addition to the term paper scale research papers, students will also submit a final research or dissertation report which represents a major requirement in completing degree level programs. Once the research paper writing beginnings, the student must adhere to a proper format of research paper. The recommended structure of the paper can be usually derived from a research paper outline guide. However, students should refer to the applicable formatting guide or the manual used by the particular collage or university to understand the formatting requirements.

Students should pay close attention to the requirements when formatting their research papers. If the requirements stipulate the adoption of APA system, MLA system or Harvard system, students should get a thorough understanding on the method involved. While there are certain similarities involved in all systems of formatting, the main differences lie in the way the quoted material are cited and how the page heading and numbering are arranged. Similarly the reference pages too differ markedly which should be noted in the format of research paper.

Students should be well prepared in formatting the papers as this is a crucial element in the research writing process. Students should acquire a formatting manual or look for an authentic web resource which outlines all aspects of the applicable formatting system. By having a full understanding of the requirements, students can adhere to these from the very beginning of the research paper writing. This is a better option instead of attempting to make corrections at the end which will be stressful considering the general tight schedules on which students approach the completion stage.

Some of the key elements which should be considered in the format of research paperare following:

  • Arrangement of the Research Paper – All formatting styles share a similarity when it comes to the basic parts of a research paper. The title page, introduction, methodology, results, discussion and the conclusion are the standard sections of a research paper. This is applicable to any type of research paper from literacy research paper to a psychology research paper.
  • Pagination and Layout – This differs by different formatting styles. In some systems, the front matter such as abstract, the table of content and other sections are numbered in Roman numerals while the balance is numbered with Arabic numerals. Similarly some systems such as APA format require the number to be in the top header flush with right hand margin. Others as Harvard system requited bottom centre numbering. The section headings too differ by each formatting system. APA style has the different levels of section headings in different font sizes and cantered in the middle of the page. The Harvard style on the other hand use numerals to number the section headings.
  • References – This is the aspect in which format of research paper differs widely depending upon the formatting style applied. The reference list or works cited list is formatted differently in APA and Harvard systems for instance. The in-text citations too differ markedly where some systems mention the Author and date while some require the page or paragraph details as well.

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