Management Term Paper

A Management Term Paper: A Discussion of Management Theories in Practical Perspective

Writing a management term paper will provide students with an opportunity to discuss many topics related to management. Students who are studying for management degrees will be assigned with this task and excellent term papers can ensure high grades for the course modules. These term papers not only require thorough investigation into the topic but also sound knowledge in the field of management and deep analytical skills.

Management is a vast area and therefore, students can select from a wide variety of topics which relates to marketing, business, advertising, human resource management, finance, production, ethics, strategic management etc. As there are many topics to select from, students are advised to select one which represents an area which they are familiar with and hold a competency in. For example, some students are more capable at handling finance related topics while others excel a strategic management issues. By choosing a topic which could interest the student, the researching and reading aspects of term paper writing become an interesting task. Without proper interest in the topic students will not be motivated to write a good term paper.

Planning is important to submit a good management term paper. As a term paper assignment can take many forms and involve report writing to essay writing or research paper writing the initial outline should consider these variations. By incorporating all the key sections required in to an outline, the student can ensure that the term paper is organized in the proper manner. If students find it difficult  to come up with a proper outline, they can find many sample term paper outlines that will educate them on how to come up with their own outline.

Management assignments should incorporate management theories and illustrate the students understanding of them by bringing in practical real life management examples to context. The theories, examples and supporting evidence such as testimonies from management gurus as well as case studies of management excellence should be secured through researching into wide array of sources. Management journals can be reviewed through online digital data bases such as Proquest and Emerald insights which students can cite in the term papers. These sources need to be studied and analyzed thoroughly to ensure that they do not contradict each other. Students should also keep in mind that all sources used should be cited as per prescribed term paper format which often happens to be Harvard system preferred by school of management.

Immaterial of which subject area it is being written for, all term papers are to be written according to specified formats. While most commonly used ones are the APA and MLA systems, the business papers are usually formatted as per Harvard system which is also referred to as the Author-date style. Before writing their term papers, students should obtain confirmation as to what format they need to write their term papers on. If proper formatting requirements are not adhered to, students will find being penalized with up to 5% of total marks. This can make the difference between an A and a B grade the student may receive.  A standard term paper for management will consist of a title page, table of contents, introduction, main body which will consist of theoretical frameworks, analysis, methods of study, findings and discussion as well as recommendations. The bibliography and the appendix are also included along with these parts of research paper.

Writing the management term paper is comprehensive task which needs dedication and adherence to requirements. Students should essentially demonstrate their ability to apply the theoretical frameworks and models of management theory in to practical management issues. This is one of the main areas which students find hard to perform accurately.

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