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Music Research Paper Writing Should Choose Specific Topic

Students following any type of music coursework or any other coursework related to arts might be assigned the task of music research paper writing. This type of writing can encompass the history of music, about a musician, analysis of musical elements in a lyrical composition or any pertain to other concepts and theories on music. Unlike the standard essays where students may have presented their analysis of a piece of music, the research paper on music will concentrate more on providing an overview of the interpretations of others, combined with the writer’s own interpretations.

This type of assignment will prove a challenge to many students as they will be concerned about how this assignment has to be approached. A good research paper requires students to have a good understanding of the many requirements which are associated with the writing of a music research paper. Therefore, students are advised to seek the assistance of their professor or tutor if they do not understand any element of the research paper assignment. Similarly, referring to the assessment guide will direct the student on the key expectations from the research paper. The paper’s main components should be geared towards meeting these expectations so that maximum marks can be targeted by the research paper.

There are many ways in which to select good topics for research papers in music. As music is common to all countries and backgrounds, there is a wide array of categories and dimensions which students can make use of when selecting a topic for their paper. These topics include international music, tribal music, classical music, history of music, or music of various composers as Mozart, Beethowen and Bach. As a research paper needs to include in-depth analysis, synthesis and interpretations, students are recommended to select a manageable topic scope to ensure that the selected subject area is specific and is not too broad. Such deliberate and well planned topic selection will help students write a high calibre music research paper.

As an example, the writing of a music research paper on a composer will bring students to questions such as, the era, the style of music, the works of the composer and what makes this composer different or similar to the others. Such critical analysis should be supported by a theoretical framework on the matter being discussed. Existing critiques of these works too should be utilized within such academic papers to provide the desire comprehensiveness. Research for music research papers can be obtained through music libraries. These libraries provide students more information than that of standard academic libraries. Listening to actual compositions and including physical samples such as audio CDs may be necessary for the research paper.

It might be a difficult task for those who are creatively inclined students to write formal research papers that are constrained by structure and format. To train themselves on such writing, students must make sure to work with a research paper outline so that required components of a research paper is pre-planned and incorporated in to the writing. Writing a research paper outline will also ensure that the information included is relevant to the research paper. Writing within an outline also ensures that the ideas are cogently organised and grouped appropriately to support each separate point being addressed.

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