Outline for Term Paper

Using an Outline for Term Paper Can Help Students Immensely in Structuring Their Work Properly

Writing a term paper should be done accurately and as per a proper structure. This helps the student  present the rational for the selected term paper topic and then the rest of the arguments, theories, findings and discussions in a cohesive and an easily comprehensible manner. Students will benefit greatly if they were to use an outline for tem paper writing as this directs their writing in a logical and organized fashion. An outline is equally applicable for an ethics term paper which has much descriptive writing as well as for an accounting term paper which also incorporates financial calculations.

Pre planning is a hall mark of a good term paper that is well thought through, well researched and well written. An outline helps the student in all these areas. To draw up a proper outline, the student should first and foremost, read the term paper assignment. There will be various key tasks to be addressed in the assignment and these should be incorporated in to the outline for term paper. The next step is to decide on the various sub sections that needs to be included to the outline. This will depend on the manner in which the student intends to handle the assignment question. Usually, in an academic assignment, theoretical frameworks and models should be applied along side practical investigations. Therefore, drawing up the outline prompts the student to decide on what theories will be applied and what main points will be included in the paper.

Having decided upon the key sections for the paper, student has a clear understanding of what information and evidence are relevant to the assignment. This helps the student to keep the investigations and researching very relevant to the assignment.

An outline for term paper can largely benefit a student in the writing process. The outline provides the skeleton structure of the paper and filling the sections makes it easier than wondering where the information should go if the writing was done without an outline. It also makes sure that the writing is done precisely and sentences which are not essential are not included in the writing.

A sample term paper outline will consist of the following key sections. However, depending on the subject and the assignment type, the sub sections of the term paper structure will differ largely.

  • Introduction
  • Situation Analysis/ Case Diagnosis
  • Discussions through Application of Relevant Theory
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusions

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