Defining You in 500 words or less

Ok, you might have more than 500 words to work with or you might need to answer a specifically targeted question, but the fact remains that personal statements are common nightmares for our customers. You are expected to capture a sense of your unique personality within the space of a small paper that determines, at least to some degree, your acceptability for that particular institution.

Important considerations of writing personal statements

  • The language you use and the experiences you choose to represent you illustrates your level of professionalism.
  • The way in which you respond to the essay prompt will demonstrate your ability to learn from your past experiences.
  • Engaging in the process of responding to the essay prompt, your answer allows the college board to determine whether you are capable of learning from your past.
  • The stories you use to respond to the essay question can reveal aspects of your life that will contribute to your success as a student at their school.
  • Through your statement, you are given an opportunity to bring forward your ideas, motivations and aspirations.

We understand how difficult it can be to face that blank page and try to think about how to include your entire personality into a single sheet of paper. Our writers are familiar with that worry, but have developed several different approaches to make the most of the space available, your own personal experience and the parameters of the essay question. You can trust them to turn your memories into a powerful sales tool that highlights your strengths and overcomes your weaknesses – all while conveying a strong sense of who you are.

Information that may help

Of course, before our writers can illustrate who you are, they will necessarily need some information about you. They will likely ask questions to ensure they keep the essay targeted on you, but it will always remain your choice whether to answer these questions or how much information you want to provide. Potential questions may include:

Educational objectives

  • Any particular schools you may have attended
  • Specific programs you may have studied
  • What field you intend to study in or other educational objectives
  • Your preferred schools so we can target your essay more appropriately

General life experiences

  • Any significant childhood memories that taught you something
  • How a significant local or world event challenged your thinking
  • An individual who had a significant effect on your life and why
  • Recent events that have changed the way you see the world


Professional experiences

  • Positions you have held in the professional field
  • Responsibilities you were given within these positions
  • What you have learned through these experiences

Personal hobbies and interests

  • Activities you participate in to relax
  • Any hopes you might have for the future
  • What hobbies you participate in and why


While our writers are fully capable of writing independently, the best personal statements are created when they can maintain close contact with you, refining the paper until it fully reflects who you are and what you want to convey about yourself. Still not convinced? Then find out more about us and then place an order!

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