Recommend to your friends, and get
bonus money every time they order

Here's What You and Your Friends
Will Get:

When you refer friends to us, you get a 5% bonus for every order they make

Each of your friends gets a 3% discount on their first order

The more friends you bring - the more bonus money you make

You can use this bonus money to pay for your orders - and save real money!

how it works

Send the referral link from your Customer Area to a friend

  1. Copy the referral link from your Customer Area.
  2. Send it to your friend.
  3. Profit! You get a 5% bonus when your friend uses the link to order

Get 5% of the cost of every friend’s order

  1. Every time your friend orders, you will get 5% of the order cost.
  2. The credits are added to your balance in 2 days (until that, they are shown as ‘pending funds’).
  3. If your friend orders within 90 days after you sent a link, you still get your 5%.

Pay for your next paper with the money gained

  1. Check out the sum you’ve got in the ‘total earned’ field.
  2. Use it for your new orders.
  3. The more friends you bring, the more you earn!


What is Balance?

Balance refers to your virtual currency that you gain when buying our papers. From now on, you can also add money to Balance by sharing the referral link with your friend. Every time this friend buys our services, it will increase your Bonus Money by 5% of the price.

How can I use Balance Money?

You can use your Balance Money to order more papers. Just choose the option “I want to spend Balance Money from my Balance” in the order form.

Whom should I send the link?

The best option is to send the link to your friends who could be interested in our custom papers but are not our customers yet. You can send the link as many times as you like, but make sure that your friends are interested and understand the offer.

My friend's received the referral link, what should he/she do?

Your friend should follow the link. It leads to the order form where your friend can order right away with a first-time and a referral discount of 3%. Such an order should be paid in 30 days. He/she can also explore the site first, but to order with a discount and bring you Balance Money, your friend should remain on the site after following the link.

Will I receive the money if my friend keeps ordering?

For sure. You will receive 5% of the cost of every next order that your friend will make.

How soon will the money be transferred to Balance after my friend's purchase?

It will be transferred within 24 - 48 hrs.

My friend got the link, but he/she paid for an order in several days. Will I get my Balance Money?

Sure, you will. Just remember that your friend should keep from closing our web site after using the link.

Can I use the link in public?

Yes, we encourage using the referral link in social networks and posting it on forums when you feel that the visitors are interested.

How many bonuses can I get?

The number of bonuses is unlimited, and it always remains in action. Every order of a friend you refer brings you 5% of the price to Balance. To earn even more, feel free to invite several friends.

I am looking for more answers to my questions. Where do I get them?

Please contact the support team. You can write us a message in live chat or call us.