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Importance of Proper Research Paper Citing in Writing a Professional Research Paper

Research paper citing is an important element to a research paper. Referring to existing knowledge contained in literature and drawing upon information from various sources is critical to a research paper. Citing these sources is similarly important and should never be overlooked. The information researched should be included in the research paper in order to add credibility to the student’s work and support various statements and analysis of the writer. Usually, the acknowledgement of source material is done within the text through parenthetical citations or with the use of footnotes. If the information gathered from other sources is not cited in the prescribed format, the paper will not only lack in academic professionalism, but the students will also be accused of plagiarism. Therefore, it is vital that proper attention is given to the citing of sources when writing a research paper.

Every academic institution has prescribed formats in which a research paper should be written. Some of the common formats include the APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago, while law or science studies may use other systems as Blue Book method, ACS (by American Chemical Society), AIP (by American Institute of Physics) or CEB (by Council of Biology Editors) formats. Each of these formatting styles has its very own requirements when it comes to citing the sources used. Having a good knowledge of these requirements will not only make it easier to write their research papers, but will also ensure that it takes less time to write it. It is important that students verify the style they are to utilize before they begin the writing of their research papers. This can save lot of reformatting efforts at the last phase of research writing, which is a critically time constricted phase.

There are various methods of how research paper citing should be done. Each of the methods should be understood by the students. If writing an APA style research paper, the in-text citations of one work by one author will be the author’s last name followed by the year of publication in parentheses. If citing one work by many authors, the listing of all the authors’ names followed by year of publication will be used. However, in subsequent references only the authors’ last name followed by “et al” will be used. The Harvard system and Chicago system also utilize the Author/Date system in the parenthical citations. If citing sources in the MLA style, any material used should be cited with the sources used by placing the last name of the author and the page number at the end of the sentence. The same is applicable for two or more authors as well.

The need for citing the sources utilized is critical to a well-written paper. Therefore, students must ensure to become familiar with the most applicable formats so that the rules can be closely adhered during the writing process. Students must also know when to cite sources. If a theory or concept which has been proposed by a scholar is mentioned, this should be cited. If facts which are not commonly known are included, this too should be cited. Any analysis or evaluations which another scholar has carried out, which the student is paraphrasing also necessitates a citation. Similarly, if any statistics are used which was not calculated or analysed by the student, this too will require to be cited. Any models, graphs and conceptual frameworks too should be given due acknowledgement. In order to ensure a good research paper, students are recommended to be thoroughly familiar with these requirements.

Research paper citing can be a complex task. Many students find that they simply do not have the time required to cite their sources in the proper manner. Most also lack the patience to go through hundreds of pages in the formatting manuals which prescribes the applicable rules and standards. If you are finding it tedious to complete the citations and reference pages, then obtain assistance from Writers of have been writing research papers for many years and have a high familiarity with all the applicable academic formatting styles. As a result, they will write the citations for your paper, in full adherence to the formatting system prescribed by the assignment. By referring to how they execute the citation rules in your custom written paper, you can learn how it is to be done as well. So, save your time and effort and entrust your research writing assignment to If you have already written your paper and struggling with references, then too you can enlist their editing services to resolve your difficulties.

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