Research Paper Introduction Samples

Research Paper Introduction Samples Can Help Students Write Impressive Introductions

Research paper introduction samples show students how the research paper needs to begin so that it has the power to attract the attention of the readers. Although the topics for a research paper inform the reader about the contents of the paper, it is the introduction chapter or the section that provide awareness on the topic. If it cannot make a good first impression in the reader’s mind, then there is little hope for an attentive reading of the rest of the paper. When a reader starts reading the paper he/she would appreciate a clear indication of what the whole paper is about, and this is what the introduction should provide.

Introductory chapter shall contain theme, topic, background information, and the thesis. The significance of the research project and the research questions should also be mentioned in the introduction. The overview of the context of the study and the methodology and analysis methods planned for the study should also be indicated in the introduction. It can also provide a brief outline of the research paper. This section has to be written concisely yet interestingly to retail the attention of the readers. Studying some research paper introduction samples will enhance the student’s capabilities in writing an effective introduction to the research paper.

Students can make use of some good research papers and closely study, not only the introduction but also how the introduction connects with the research paper. Research papers written by other students can be down loaded free from some websites. However, most students will not have an idea as to whether they have downloaded good examples or bad examples. Instead of forming own judgments, it is best to seek assessments from a learned source such as the supervisor on appropriateness of the examples. Another good idea is to buy sample research papers from a good research paper writing service. These papers are of guaranteed quality and can help students learn how the introduction and other chapters of the research paper are to be written.

Following is an excerpt of text chosen from a Research Paper Introduction Sample.

“Widespread use of a new technology changes the ways we do things. Internet is a good example. Increased use of internet has changed many aspects of our lives. As a result, the methods of advertising and marketing have changed very rapidly. Total expenditure on internet and mobile advertising is growing despite the decline in total advertising expenditure. Global mobile advertising revenue is expected to increase to US Dollars 11.2 Billion in 2014 from 1.3 Billion in 2008. Shift in advertising expenditure of Music Industry in US from traditional media to mobile advertising is studied in this research paper.”

As students can note, the introduction provide concise yet comprehensive information on the subject topic, in order to set the scene for introducing the research question.

Most students find the challenge of research paper writing too hard to handle alone. In such situations, they should get help from a research paper firm such as The provides research paper help from the selection of topic to researching for the data, writing the research paper, analyzing data and editing and proof reading the paper. The expert writers at will be available to advise the students on any problem they encounter, not only in the introduction chapter but in any section of the research report.’s excellent infrastructure allows students to keep in constant contact with their allocated writers, so that any custom written research papers have a high component of collaboration.

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