Title Page for Research Paper

Title Page for Research Paper Must Follow the Prescribed Writing Style

Title Page for the Research Paper is an important part of the research paper, since it is the first page of the research paper the reader is exposed to. However, the writer does not have much freedom on deciding on the contents or the layout formatting of the cover page. The objective is to achieve uniformity of presentation and availability of essential identification information. Hence, a research paper needs to adhere to the prescribed cover page format of the formatting style being used. APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard are the commonly prescribed research papers formatting styles and the choice largely depends upon the discipline of study involved. These style guides have their own rules and standards applicable for the writing and formatting of the title page.

Title Page as Per APA Style

The title page for research paper shall provide the details for identification of the research paper. For an APA style research paper, the title page must include, the title of the research paper, name of the author, and details of the institution where the research was done. The dates of submission is also indicated. Title has to be less than twelve words in length. A running header appears aligned with the top left margin, before the main title of the paper. It states the title of the research paper. Rest of the text have to be double spaced, centered and positioned within the middle of the page.

Title Page as Per MLA Style

MLA style does not require a title page for research paper, but your professors may request for one. Unless prescribed by the assignment, the rule for the title page under MLA is basically not to have one. The main idea of the title page is for identifying the research paper. According to MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, this purpose is achieved by including the identification information in what is termed as an ID block. This contains all the identification details which makes a title page redundant. The ID block is placed at the top left margin of the first page and contains the name of the author, name of the professor, course details and the due date of the research paper. In addition to this, every page has a right justified running header which has the author’s last name and the page number. The Title of the research paper is typed below the ID block and is centre justified.

Title Page as Per Harvard or Chicago Style

The stipulations for cover page as per Harvard or Chicago style is fairly straight forward. It carries the title of the work along with the author’s name and the university name. The course details for which the thesis or the research is being submitted must also be included. There are no running headers or page numbers on the cover page. The text should be centered and aligned in the middle vertically. The lines must be double spaced and written in size 12 – 14 Times New Roman or Ariel font styles.

Various research paper guidelines have to be followed when writing a research paper. The formatting rules applicable for the title page for research paper is among these guidelines. The guidelines for various formatting styles can be found in the respective manuals and handbooks such as The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association or the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.

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