Topics for a Research Paper

Choosing the Right Topics for a Research Paper is Critical for Its Success

When assigned with research paper writing, choosing topics for a research paper is a difficult task for many students. It is not an exaggeration to say that the success of the entire research paper is largely dependent upon the topic chosen. Although there will be many options to consider, within a given area of the subject, choosing the topic that is best suited for the purpose, and capable of contributing worthwhile new knowledge. It is important to realize that good research paper topic ideas can come from anywhere. Students need to be open minded to look in to all avenues in identifying an innovative and feasible research topic.

If students are to succeed in selecting a good research topic, they should be aware of the characteristics of a good topic. What is a good topic for a research paper? Good topics for a research paper are very specific. This helps the student to stay focused on the topic without writing in fragmented manner and digressing from the central theme. The topic must be interesting to the student so that he/she can work with enthusiasm on the paper till its conclusion. A topic which receives the research supervisor’s approval and which the supervisor holds expertise is a definite plus point. The scope should be of the right scope, with appropriate depth and breadth. A topic should be narrow enough to be contained within the given word limit and to be finished within the given timeframe.

The type of research to be conducted also influence the selection of the topic. For instance, a student who is assigned with an argumentative research paper must consider argumentative research paper topics. If the intention is to write a research paper offering a solution to an existing problem the topic can take the form of an expository research paper topic. If the task is to write a Meta analysis research paper, then the selected topic should be a one which has diverse definitions and theoretical perspectives proposed on it. If the selected topics for a research paper do not match the type of research to be undertaken, then the writer will face great difficulties in successfully concluding the project.

Looking at examples of research paper topics can guide students on how to choose suitable topics within different subject areas. Here are some sample topics within subject of environmental management, pertaining to air pollution.

  • Contribution of NOX emissions from vehicles to urban air pollution
  • Air pollution is a cause for increase in respiratory diseases in urban areas
  • Novel precipitation methods of controlling carbon soot emissions from coal power stations.
  • Comparison of tailpipe emissions of Hybrid vehicles with that of internal combustion powered vehicles.
  • Has emission standards set by the Keyoto Protocol contributed to reductions in air pollution?

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