Types of Research Papers

Know the Different Types of Research Papers and Select the Most Appropriate

When it comes to empirical research, there are many different research types. Research papers written to present the findings of these research works also differ by the type of research. Students must learn about the different types of research papers and select the most appropriate type for their research papers. The decision should be made by the student unless the requirement for a specific type is given in the assignment. The choice depends on a variety of factors ranging from the student’s capability to handle the particular type of research and the appropriateness of it for the topic area as well as the assignment. The main types of research papers involved in Social Sciences and Humanities are analytical research papers, argumentative research papers, confirmatory research papers, exploratory research papers and action research papers. A proper knowledge of the most widely used research paper types is an imperative for students pursing advance studies at university level.

  • Confirmatory research is carried out for furthering the existing knowledge; to establish relationships between variables; to prove a hypothesis; or support an argument. This type of research relies on a wide variety of data gathered using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Data is analysed statistically or using qualitative methods in case of qualitative research. Correlations are established between various dependent and causal variables which can explain various behaviors and phenomena within scientific and social science fields.
  • An argumentative research paper is written on a controversial topic. There are different views on the topic and the writer must take a stand on the topic. Research is targeted to find facts, data and evidences to support the stand taken by the writer. Writer organizes the findings and presents a string of arguments supported by findings of the research to persuade the reader to accept his viewpoint.
  • Explorative research is undertaken to find new knowledge for an identified problem or an unexplained phenomena. This type of research is carried out by scientists, scholars, artists, anthropologists, and historians etc. to make new discoveries. Exciting, yet challenging research techniques such as action research, experimental research and field research will all support this type of exploratory investigations.
  • An analytical research paper is another type of research paper, where the author utilizes Meta analysis techniques to analyse existing knowledge and research on a topic. Analytical Research papers are used when writing a research paper on a neutral topic. The purpose is to find information and data on the topic, and analyze, evaluate and interpret. Writing an analytical research paper starts with the student identifying a particular study question. The existing literature and research work is then subjected to deep level of analysis to arrive at own conclusions of the research writer.
  • Researchers also write research papers that are categories as expository papers. These are used for the purpose of reporting the results of a scientific experiment or an engineering development. Research papers written on various research works carried out by scientists, engineers and other professionals are reported in Expository research papers.

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