Writing a Research Paper

Acquiring Knowledge on Writing a Research Paper

Most students find writing a research paper to be a difficult task. But if students acquire sufficient knowledge of how to write a research paper, the task becomes manageable. Students need to acquire knowledge of different types of research papers and the associated methodologies involved. This will help them decide on the most appropriate type of research paper and a corresponding research topic. They must also learn how primary and secondary information and date is to be gathered and treated. This involves the designing of surveys and experiments, actual data gathering as well as the methods of data analysis. One of the key tasks is the actual writing of the paper which needs to adhere to proper writing style, structure, and formatting. Learning about all these aspects of research paper writing beforehand can save a lot of time and worries for the students who embark on research projects.

The wide variety of research papers falls primarily in to two basic types of research papers. The first is argumentative research papers. These are written on controversially debated topics. The writers have to take a stand on the topic and critique the opposing views and theories while establishing their own theories. The purpose of writing the research paper is to find arguments, facts and evidences to support the view of the writer so as to convince the reader to accept the view being extended. Other main type of the research paper is analytical research paper. In this type of research paper writer breaks the topic into constituent parts and examines the parts in relation to the whole central topic. Analytical research paper shows the writer’s knowledge on the topic and the analytical skills. This type of research falls in to exploratory research.

The topic of the research paper governs most of the aspects of the research paper. First of all, the type of the research paper is decided by the topic. For instance, when writing a research paper on a controversial topic student has to select argumentative type. If the purpose is to inform the findings of a research or a critique of a literary work it is necessary to write an analytical paper. The topic being selected should have a viable and valid research question worth investigating in to. When the student questions the viability of a topic, it concerns the accessibility of data, the affordability of resources required, and the time required. Final consideration in the topic selection is that it has to be interesting for the writer and the readers as well.

When it comes to writing a research, students need to learn how to formulate a strong thesis statement or identify a valid and important research hypothesis or research question. These represent the main idea, the main question or the main argument the paper. This has to be specific, clear, concise and unambiguous. The scope covered by the topic must be a guideline for the thesis statement. It also states the writer’s stand unambiguously in case of an argumentative research paper. The thesis statement or the statement of research question may need fine turning at later stages of research to accommodate new facts and evidences found during the research. In exploratory research, a research hypothesis or a thesis statement emerges only at the end of the study, through various exploratory investigations in to an unexplained phenomenon.

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