History is a field that traces past events while considering time and space. In our case, America prides in a rich history that extends before the appearance of explorer, Christopher Columbus. The country has left trails of indelible chronicles that have been recorded ever since becoming a nation in 1776.

Students are generally required to write research papers on American history in the course of their academic studies. Studying American history can be interesting. However, a learner may experience some challenge if they lack a resourceful guideline on how to pick relevant topics. If getting the right topic is proving difficult, don’t panic! We have compiled a list of the best topics and questions that will surely get you started with your term paper.

How to Select the Best American History Term Paper Topic? Get a Guide

Picking a topic is one of the most critical steps before writing a term paper. First, determine which area of US history study you are interested in researching on. Research widely on the historical theme and brainstorm for ideas that you can draw from it. Write down all the keywords or concepts related to the topic. From the list, select a favorite subject and narrow down to a specific area within the subject.

As now you have a defined American history topic, continue and identify the questions that your paper will answer. Depending on the topic you choose, the assignment will require interrogation of the historical subject from a different angle to answer the paper’s questions – when, who, how and why.

Another crucial thing to consider is your general approach to the topic. Take the example of the American Civil War. You can scrutinize such a subject to develop it further by focusing on the particular time (1861 – 1865), geographical angle (north and south US states) or people involved (the Union and the Confederate States). Lastly, conduct in-depth research from reliable sources to look for information that will support your arguments in the paper.

Amazing List of American History Term Paper Topics for All Students

Are you looking for a good topic you that you can cover in your history term paper? We have put together a list of great American history topics that apply to college and high school students. Go ahead and borrow our ideas below that will be of great benefit in crafting an outstanding piece.

  • Lost colony of Roanoke.
  • Thomas Paine’s role in the American Revolutionary War.
  • Causes of Salem witch trials.
  • The victory of the Union in the Civil War: results.
  • Marbury versus Madison ruling impact on the judicial
  • Consequences of the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears.
  • Causes and effects of the Mexican War.
  • The motive behind the Manifest Destiny.
  • The implication of Gold Rush to the economy.
  • Contribution of women in the World Wars.
  • Key issues that led to the Civil War.
  • Impact of slavery on the American economy.
  • State of African Americans after the Civil War.
  • Causes and effects of Native American Wars.
  • How was slavery affected by the Dred Scott case?
  • Impact of Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln on the Civil War.
  • Effect of Lincoln’s death on reconstruction era.
  • The result of the Dawes Act on Native Americans
  • Significance of 19th Century inventions in society and economy.
  • Labor unions in the 1800s.
  • Repercussions of the Galveston hurricane of 1900
  • Cause and effects of the Springfield Race Riot of 1908
  • Why did the US engage in the World Wars?
  • Causes and impact of the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Mystery of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance.
  • Tuskegee Airmen influence on African-American.
  • Implication of the Pearl Harbor attack.
  • Goal and accomplishment of the Manhattan Project.
  • The necessity for the US to drop a nuclear bomb on Japan
  • The event that led to the Cold War and its eventual end
  • American baby boom effect on demographics and society
  • Motives and findings behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
  • Civil right movements and their influence on the rights of African American.
  • Aftermath of 9/11 attack on US Foreign Policy.
  • Origin and Implications of Kent State shootings.

Great American History Term Paper Questions: Sure Winning Formula

Want examples of American history that you can highlight in your term paper? Check our list of    suggested questions that you can address in yourзшусу:

  • How did European colonization impact on the Native Americans?
  • What was the influence of the Articles of Confederation on the US Constitution?
  • What were the main arguments of debate between the federalists and anti-federalists?
  • Why was Oregon Trail so crucial that people took risks to accomplish it?
  • Escalation of the Cold War after the U-2 incident?
  • What was the world`s reaction to the Cuban missile crisis?
  • How heavy were the repercussions of the Stock Market crash of 1929 on the US economy?
  • What was the implication of Scottsboro Trial on racism?
  • Were the Causes of Haymarket Riot worth the consequences?
  • How did the Chinese Exclusion Act affect Chinese immigration to the U.S.?

How to Get It Right with American History Term Paper Ideas

Brainstorming is a sure way that you will land a good term paper idea. However be sure to follow the guidelines set by your instructor to focus on in your piece. Irrespective of the topic, you must research widely and gather all the information on the subject. With that, it should not be hard to search for a topic and write about it. Some of the American history issues you may concentrate on include constitutional issues, imperialism, elections, military, economy, wars, etc. You can collect historical information from sources such as books, articles, journals or the internet

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