When choosing from several interesting research paper topics, it is necessary to find the right balance between personal preferences and the needs of the scientific community.

In addition, supervisors are more likely to give an A grade to research papers based on meaningful and highly relevant research topics. Therefore, choosing a good research paper topic can increase your chances of academic success.

How to Choose Anatomy Research Paper Topic?

Here is a list of questions to consider when choosing a research paper about anatomy topic:

  • Are you enthusiastic about this topic?
  • Can you maintain your interest by doing this topic?
  • Is the chosen scientific problem solvable?
  • Is this research worth it?
  • By solving the problem, will you demonstrate skills in your discipline?

When choosing a research paper topic, keeping these questions in mind can set the stage for a high score. As a basis, you can choose from one of the research papers about anatomy topics below.

List of Anatomy Research Paper Topics: 15 Ideas for Any Case

  1. Morphometric features of the corpses of men who died from strangulation mechanical asphyxia.
  2. Anatomy of the main blood vessels of the medial triangles of the human neck.
  3. Patterns of the dynamics of morphometric parameters of the lymph nodes under the influence of an alternating electromagnetic field of industrial frequency (experimental morphological study).
  4. Anatomical features of the corpses of men who died from drowning.
  5. The influence of the duration of ethanol intoxication on rats and the immune organs of their offspring (experimental morphological study).
  6. Morphological characteristics of the coronary sinus system veins in elderly and senile people.
  7. Patterns of the topography formation of the heart and large vessels of the mediastinum in the early fetal period of human ontogenesis and their applied significance.
  8. Anatomy of the facet joints of the lumbar spine column in persons of mature age according to the radiation methods of research.
  9. Age and individual-typological variability of cephalometric parameters in males aged 7-17 years.
  10. Anthropometric characteristics of women in the correction of overweight.
  11. Variable anatomy of the human knee joint in youthful, mature, elderly and senile ages.
  12. Morphometric characteristics and spatial organization of an adult’s entrance to the orbit.
  13. Morphology of human teeth and periodontium in hyperhidrosis.
  14. Patterns of macro-and microscopic structure and microtomography of the human larynx at the stages of ontogenesis.
  15. Morphometric characteristics of the renal tubules in the intermediate and late fetal periods of human prenatal ontogenesis.

15 Anatomy and Physiology Research Paper Topics

  1. Prerequisites for erectile dysfunction of vascular origin.
  2. Anatomy of the vermiform process in normal and pathological conditions, depending on a person’s body type.
  3. Morphology of lymphoid formations and the lymphatic bed of the small intestine during dehydration and correction with perftoran.
  4. The effect of alcohol intoxication on the structure of the hypothalamic-pituitary system with different sensitivity to alcohol and the action of vitamin E.
  5. Structural transformations of the venous vessels of the human kidneys in mature, elderly, and senile ages.
  6. Age and constitutional features of mature women with degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine.
  7. Patterns of the variability of the bone structures of the cervical spine.
  8. Constitutional features of women with hyperplastic diseases of the uterus.
  9. Patterns of the macro-microscopic structure and changes in the biomechanical properties of heart structures in ontogenesis.
  10. Anatomy of the deep veins of the human brain.
  11. Characteristics of the body of children with different physical activity.
  12. Anatomical characteristics of the sciatic nerve and its structural components in adulthood.
  13. Patterns of the variability of the physical status and parameters of women’s pelvis, taking into account the time vector.
  14. Morphological and functional correlations of physical development and bone mineral density in the adult population of the USA.
  15. Sexual variability of the calcaneus of the human foot.

10 Human Anatomy Research Paper Topics

  1. Anatomical parameters of the surgical wound during hysterectomy in women with different anthropometric characteristics.
  2. Patterns of topographic and anatomical relationships of the structures of the female pelvis and their applied significance.
  3. Clinical substantiation of the thoracoscopy technique for basal pleural empyema in people with different body types.
  4. Patterns of pancreatic morphogenesis in prenatal and early postnatal ontogenesis in the conditions of the northern region.
  5. Morphology of the nodes of the celiac plexus and its neurons in postnatal ontogenesis.
  6. Sexual variability of the middle phalanges of the human foot according to direct osteometry.
  7. Prerequisites for the dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint in different age periods in an adult.
  8. Influence of morphometric features of the dentoalveolar apparatus of persons of mature age on the clinical course of periodontitis.
  9. Anatomy of cerebral vessels and functional state of subcortical-stem structures in patients with hemorrhagic stroke of putamenal localization.
  10. Morpho-biomechanical substantiation of the choice of the method of total arthroplasty in various types of dysplastic coxarthrosis.

10 Good Topics for Human Anatomy Research Paper

  1. The lymphatic region of the mammary gland is normal, with induced tumor, chemotherapy, and photo correction.
  2. Constitutional features of the clinical course of acute appendicitis in women.
  3. Anatomical features of the abdomen and anterior abdominal wall in older women and coronary heart disease.
  4. Patterns of capillary relationships of the human trigeminal node.
  5. Patterns of variability of morphometric parameters and biomechanical properties of the leg bones.
  6. Patterns of anatomical variability of the thyroid gland in persons aged 17-30 years of various somatic types.
  7. Age features of the morphofunctional development of tuberculosis-infected children.
  8. Anatomy of the sphenoid bone of an adult and the possibilities of intravital methods of its visualization.
  9. Morphological changes in the lower jaw bone under conditions of local influence on its regeneration when modeling an experimental defect.
  10. Morphofunctional features of the body of children with posture disorders.

10 Anatomy Research Paper Ideas

  1. Morphogenesis of the human pancreas and its reactivity in the experiment.
  2. Anthropometric characteristics of the clinical course of chronic urethrogenic prostatitis.
  3. Clinical rationale for the treatment of occlusion-related diseases of the masticatory apparatus.
  4. Typological features of the shoulder girdle in diagnosing and treating periarticular diseases of the shoulder joint.
  5. Anatomy of the great circle arteries and their central perforating branches of the human brain.
  6. The relationship between the foot structure and chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities.
  7. Anatomical rationale for restoring the alveolar process of the upper jaw with connective tissue autografts.
  8. According to magnetic resonance imaging, the characteristics and topography of the brain’s deep structures are in the norm and with its volumetric lesions.
  9. Anatomy of the knee joint with varus deviation of the tibial axis.
  10. The relationship of the knee joints’ intravital anatomical and biomechanical parameters in various forms of the lower extremities.

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