Architecture is a growing field of interest for research purposes. This area is important and relevant to the current times of rapid technological advancement as well as development, and as a result, a need for more research in all dimensions of the field appears. In this blog, we introduce you 30 topics on architecture. The list is not limited to topics only, but there’s also a separate list for 10 questions and yet another for 5 ideas.

We’ve considered all areas related to architecture that need further research and crafted topics, questions, and ideas out of them. Go through the entire lists and select anything that inspires you. They may be availed in the way they are presented or can be modified as you like.

Easy Tips On How to Select the Best Architecture Research Paper Topic?

The process of selection of a topic is a tricky one, but most of the guidance comes from you. Since you are the prime researcher, its essential that the topic you choose is in line with your interests for research. None of the topics in our list is good or bad as long as each of them has been suggested after an in-depth study and analysis of the existing literature. Each topic is equally worthy of being studied, so go with the one that you find interesting.

30 Most Interesting Architecture Research Paper Topics

Topics for research in architecture have a wide span. Since the field is vibrant, deep, and diverse, the topics are accordingly unique. 30 of the most important ones are as under:

  • Design integration in campus planning
  • Use of lightweight architecture in advanced structures.
  • The importance of parametric designing in modern architecture.
  • The significance of sanctuaries for the preservation of wildlife in urban areas.
  • The construction process of Egyptian pyramids.
  • Best designs for shared accommodations.
  • The importance of sustainable urban development.
  • The influence of Islamic architecture on the design of structures in the UAE.
  • The impact of historic French art and architecture on modern designs.
  • Best designs for restaurants for revitalization of urban areas.
  • The effect of IoT on urban architectural design.
  • Best designing for maximum building space utilization.
  • Important things to consider for resilient design.
  • Conservation as a way of sustaining cultural heritage.
  • Best practices for school planning in rural areas.
  • The impact of unlimited housing developments on the environment.
  • A smart approach to the designing of a transport system to regulate traffic congestion.
  • The origins of Islamic architecture.
  • The influence of classical art on modern architecture.
  • A comparison of materials used in ancient and modern architecture.
  • Famous architects of the 20th
  • Optimum balance between structural strength and aesthetic appeal.
  • Benefits of low-cost high-strength architecture.
  • The effect of extreme weather conditions on the durability of architecture.
  • The influence of European art on architecture.
  • Best practices in town planning.
  • Art as the prime influencer of architecture.
  • The impact of Islamic architecture on the modern structural design.
  • The significance of arches for structural safety.
  • Reconstruction of architectural heritage.

10 Attention Grabbing Architecture Research Paper Questions

Questions for research in architecture made for perfect titles. They instantly provide the readers with an insight into the content of the paper. 10 questions suitable for research in architecture are as follows:

  • How to make the maximum use of sunlight in advanced structures?
  • How to redesign highways for best urban mobility?
  • Is rapid urbanization dangerous for sustainability?
  • How were the pyramids of Egypt constructed?
  • How do domes increase the strength of a structure?
  • What will the architectural practices be like in 2050?
  • What limit of indoor air velocity is allowable?
  • How has building information modelling influenced architecture?
  • How the architectural design of an office building differs from that of a residential building?
  • When architecture becomes art?

5 Architecture Research Paper Ideas To Explore

Finally, let’s have a look into 5 best ideas for architectural research. You may change the structure and meaning of the ideas suggested, e.g. ‘modern architecture’ rather than ‘ancient architecture’. The options are:

  • Ancient temples in Egypt.
  • The architecture of Taj Mahal.
  • Rehabilitation of ancient structures.
  • Ancient architecture.
  • Sustainable architecture.

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