Arguments are healthy and are a huge part of human nature. The exhilarating feeling of having to defend your position on an issue is unmatched. Argumentative research papers provide a platform for students to express their views about a subject matter. It also gives them an opportunity to go into great depths to defend these views by use of well-reasoned explanations. Professors give their students the freedom to pursue topics of their choosing which makes the task even more exciting. Since a student has so many options to choose from they can easily be faced with the paradox of choice. This means having too many choices such that having to pick the only one makes you miserable. This guide can help you narrow down topic choices for argumentative research papers.

Are You Conversant with How to Select the Best Argumentative Research Paper Topic?

Students need to examine the topics to see if they satisfy the following criteria during selection:

  • Does the topic align with your interests? Select issues that affect you or appeal to you. They will motivate you to give better arguments and see the paper through to the end.
  • Choose topics that have enough arguing points on both sides enough to satisfy your research paper. Some topics seem great, but at a closer look, they might be unable to fulfill the requirements of the paper.
  • Is it unique? Choose a topic that has not been overdone by previous students. You can ask your professor for help in ruling common ones out.
  • Can you handle the topic well? Avoid topics that are too complex for your level of understanding. Choose unique but also manageable topics.

Take a Look at These Interesting Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Here are some topics we have gathered for students to use or guide them in creating their own.

  • The motion to legalize marijuana for recreational use in all US states is justified.
  • The effects of the complexity of the U.S educational system.
  • The impact mandatory military conscription could have in the US.
  • The importance of hard work versus relying on talent for success in sports.
  • The impact of limiting freedom of speech in our world today.
  • The influence of technology on human creativity.
  • The legalization of torture as a way of combating terrorism.
  • Influence of aesthetic plastic surgery on self-acceptance today.
  • Effect animal testing has on the world today.
  • The contribution of human beings in pollution in the world.
  • The effect industrialization has had on preserving nature.
  • Euthanasia should be legalized for the terminally ill.
  • The impact that making free education every child’s right will have on a country.
  • The impacts of smartphones on live communications.
  • Influence parenting has in a child’s future relationships.
  • The Influence, that first-person shooter games, have on security.
  • The influence that wealth has on romantic relationships today.
  • The choice of passion over profit in the world today.
  • The influence of social media on bullying in schools today.
  • The impact of monitoring child online activity.
  • Effects of building the US Mexico wall on both countries.
  • Effect mandatory school uniform will have on public schools in the US
  • Violent protests are more effective than non-violent ones.
  • Modern music lacks content and morals.
  • The impact strict gun control will have in the U.S
  • The effectiveness of sex education in public schools.
  • Why educators should earn more money than athletes.
  • The influence of technology on preserving personal connections.
  • Life now is easier than it was 100 years ago.
  • All healthcare systems should be made free.
  • Religion versus science about genetic cloning
  • The contributions of immigrants in the US economy.
  • The effect of expensive college education in the US
  • The influence of modern culture on childhood today.
  • Influence of social media on the choice of role models today.

Some Engaging Argumentative Research Paper Questions

Have a glance at some of the engaging research paper questions we have compiled.

  • Should abortion be legalized?
  • Do public schools provide better exposure to children?
  • Should the use of tobacco be banned too?
  • Should paid paternity leave be made law in all US states?
  • Should cloning be legalized?
  • Do double standards between men and women still exist?
  • Should rich people pay more taxes?
  • Should cell phones be banned in schools?
  • Are our past leaders to blame for our economic and political problems?
  • Should the insanity plea be abolished?

Finally Some Captivating Argumentative Research Paper Ideas

Here are some ideas you can use for your argumentative research paper.

  • Discuss Climate change about human activity.
  • Discuss the various effects of US government surveillance on terrorism.
  • Discuss your position on the following statement: “There should be harsher Penalties for medical misdiagnosis.”
  • Discuss music as a form of art.
  • Discuss the impact of technology on human creativity and imagination.

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