Biology is a scientific discipline that aims at investigating the growth, function, structure, and evolution of all living organisms. Students often find it difficult to identify a suitable research topic for their biology assignments since it is a wide-ranging subject that encompasses all sorts of a living organism.

In addition, with the technological advancements, today biology is a broad subject with numerous avenues for research. Therefore, the process of selecting the right topic is mostly dependent on your respective field of specialization and your interest in the subject.

How to Select the Best Biology Research Paper Topic? An Explanatory Guide

Alright, so you have been asked to write a biology paper. This is a unique opportunity for you to wow your teacher with excellent research and writing skills. Also, it is a chance to demonstrate to your teacher that you are making good progress with your education and are ready to progress to the next level of your education.

To select a good topic for your research paper, you have to identify one that you relate to and interests you. The key to a successful research paper starts with selecting an appropriate topic for your paper. However, you should always remember that the topic you choose should have readily available research materials for you to use in support of your ideas.

Comprehensive List of Biology Research Paper Topics

Below are 30 unique paper topics on various biology subjects:

  • Terrorism and the use of Anthrax as a chemical weapon
  • The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy
  • A comparison of the gestation periods among mammals
  • Biological components that make seahorses unique in the animal kingdom
  • Ebola and the risks it poses on human population worldwide
  • The biology behind bipolar disorders and its adverse effects
  • The potential of Ebola to use as a chemical warfare
  • Ethical concerns of artificial intelligence application in surgical operations
  • Multiple abortions and how it affects a woman’s ability to carry a pregnancy for a full term
  • The decline in otter populations worldwide
  • Evolution as portrayed in the development of fleas and flies
  • Diabetes and how it is influenced by moderate to high caffeine intake
  • The cellular reproduction process of DNA
  • The next stage of human evolution
  • Control of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Longevity through mTOR gene inhibitors
  • An investigation of the salt and water intake by different plants
  • Pollination and how it is dependent on the colour of flowers
  • Differences between poikilothermic and homeothermic mammals
  • The increase in rodent population about the spread of diseases worldwide
  • The biology of a frog’s ability to jump
  • The pathogenesis of agents resistant to antibiotics
  • Scientific merit over moral concern about human cloning technology
  • The impact of acid rain on the environment
  • The significance of El-Nino rains on worldwide farming activities
  • Effect of energy generation capacity on the ageing process
  • The introduction of GMO microbes and environmentally friendly fuel alternatives
  • The impact of a strict vegetarian diet on the human digestive system
  • The dangers of untested vaccines in the fight against Ebola
  • The development of new models in the production of more effective antibiotics

Useful Biology Research Paper Questions

Also, there are a few more elements of a perfect biology assignment that you should take into consideration. Below are some questions to get you started on the writing process:

  • Why are chemical agents a popular choice for terrorist activities?
  • Why are the gestation periods unalike for different mammals?
  • How is a woman’s ability to bear children affected by multiple abortions?
  • How is cross-pollination possible over long distances?
  • How has the evolution of man made it possible to survive in today’s world?
  • Why do viruses spread quickly?
  • Can homosexuality be genetically explained?
  • Is there a chance that diseases such as Ebola could be the result of chemical warfare?
  • Will we find common ground between the ethical and moral implications of the use of AI in medicine?
  • What are the future safeguards to prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens?

Free Biology Research Paper Ideas for Your Essay

Coming up with attractive research papers on biology can at times be a tricky affair, one that can lose you valuable points at the end of the course. However, do not worry, with the list of broad paper topics and questions already provided, you will be able to formulate your titles and also expound on the ones already provided. Here are some useful ideas to help you develop your research paper theme:

  • You can research on n emerging trend in medicine such as the use of robots and AI.
  • You can write about some of the genetic disorders that have affected man and the research that has been done to understand them.
  • You can write about the technological advancement in the application of stem cell treatment and whether or not it is both ethically and morally acceptable.

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