Writing a sports dissertation should demonstrate the author’s research, findings, understanding and finale about a given theme or topic within sport. This document will guide you on how to undertake the project of writing a dissertation on sports effectively with the use of some basic steps.
Choosing the topic can often be one of the biggest problems as there are so many areas of interest and enormous amounts of data to strain through.
There are a few set of information which should be clarified before you actually start writing the sports dissertation and select your topic of writing:
• the date of submission,
• section deadlines (if any), based on this the topic needs to be selected,
• the word limit,
• How it is to be presented, whether you want your research to be more towards qualitative terms which is based on observation, qualities, description or whether you want your research to quantitative which is based on measurement and numbers,
• formatting guidelines and
• information about the support that is available from tutors.

Once the above mentioned details has been streamlined, you need to select something that is of interest for yourself and which also can be reciprocated to the reader for the whole of the dissertation; this can be done by exploring topics of sporting interest against present issues and news through the use of books, various journals and magazines. It is vital that the sports topic is neither too constricted nor too broad as one will prove difficult due to a lack of information, while the other will provide too much data for the writer to produce a quality piece within the word count.

Having agreed on the area of study, a decision needs to be made as to the approach for the work. There can be mainly two approaches again that one can use while writing a sports dissertation:
• A case study approach, where one area in a sport is studied in depth within a restricted timeframe;
• The presentation of a survey, where information is gathered so that patterns can be recognized and examination can be done within an area of one sport;
• An investigational approach, where an aspect or skill within a sport is studied via the disclosure of two or more groups to different ideas relating to that skill and commenting on the results.

This information will enable the writer to make plans for the completion of the work and to set targets within that for specific elements within the dissertation. It is critical that the writer is disciplined in their approach to tackling the work –stick to the plan, writing sections up as the data collection for them is complete in order that the work is done in smaller topics. This discipline also extends to where the writing takes place; there is little point in trying to write things up in the middle of a crowded bar area or where there is the likelihood of frequent interruption.
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