Outline for a Research Paper

Outline for a Research PaperBefore starting to write a research paper one must study the topic and only then begin to write it. Except studying the topic a deep research must be performed making following conclusions. While researching, try to write down all facts and info that may be useful for findings. Do not hesitate to ask for help in case of any difficulties.

Research paper composition:

• title page;
• abstract;
• introduction;
• materials and methods part;
• results;
• discussion;
• bibliography.

Research papers of any kind must contain all these parts.

An outline refers to a scheme of a research paper. Outlines for a research paper are basically used as a guide to select a part needed. Thus, an outline must show each position, every idea of your term paper. Like a book table of contents, it is to smoothly conduct a reader through the research you made. So, make it wisely.

Outline components:


– the purpose of the research paper.


– express the issue;
– show the significance of the issue;
– describe the review area;
– point the questions you are to raise;
– show the results you are to achieve.

Materials and methods:

– point methods and means used to make the research;
– show the procedures performed;
– identify evaluation scales and study figures;
– show the criteria for the research.


– summarize and prepare findings;
– show where you reach by means of the research;
– describe what you have achieved and what missed.


– answer the question raised at the beginning of the research;
– express your opinion to arguments appeared;
– point some new questions you realized to be unsolved.


– show the sources;
– make references.

What else?

Any research paper writer should consider the filling of his work. Outlines for a research paper are one of the most needed and useful parts of any research paper for the reader. They help to eliminate needless info and concentrate on the data one was looking for.

Though to write an outline for a research paper does not take much time and not requires from you a lot of words to say, most people find it difficult to perform this king of work correctly. Thus, one misses a possibility to get the highest evaluation of the paper.

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