Psychology Research Paper

Psychology Research PaperAll research papers have some requirements and components. Accordingly, there is general psychology research paper style and different features of each part of a work.

General features of research paper style:

• direct order;
• consistent numeration of pages;
• page brakes content;
• paragraphs and sections mapping;
• marking of all figures and tables
• putiry of consistence, clarity of sentences and phrases (better twice).

All of the above and listed below must be followed strictly so as to fulfill all requirements. Also to make your research paper more eye-catching and easy to read:

• use double spaced indention;
• start each paragraph from a new line (double spaced as well);
• use 11 or 12 Times New Roman or Calibri font size;
• express your thoughts in formal speech and avoid informal language;
• do not use tautology (thesaurus may provide a good service).

As well it would be better to attract the attention of a reader from the first words. So, think over a topic very thoroughly and use some phrases that sell.

Psychology research paper style vary from part to part. To understand it better examine a list of research paper components. Each part of the list must be well-designed and consistently composed considering style qualities. Let’s analyze them one by one:

Components of a research paper and styles:

1.  Title:

a.  use strict and direct words;
b.  be informative;
c.  do not point needless info.

2.  Abstract:

a.  always write in past tense;
b.  do not refer it to any other part of the paper;
c.  make sure that it looks like a summary of your work – not a single story.

3.  Introduction:

a. use past tenses (the exception of well-known facts and current events);
b.  do not simplify the facts, be firm and confident;
c.  show your awareness referring to background info;
d.  always put your ideas in order.

4.  Materials and Methods:

a.  use third party passive voice;
b.  do not give explanations;
c.  omit needless info (irrelevant to a third party).

5.  Results:

a.  use past tenses;
b.  omit unnecessary explanations;
c.  follow the order of a research paper (one by one).

6.  Discussion:

a.  use past tense for individually provided info;
b.  use present tense for generally accepted facts.

Of course, all these features are basically common and can be applied to any section of your work. Psychology research paper style is a general concept. You can say, for example, that some of introduction part styles may be used composing discussion part etc. It really does. But the real matter is to show consecutive order of research paper performance.

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