Research Paper Title Page

Research Paper Title PageWe shall learn some information about research papers as a whole, show main elements and stress our attention on research paper title pages.

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As we have mentioned the target a research paper aims refers selective study of a work. That’s why one of the main requirements to meet is composing a research paper in the right order. There exists direct construction one should follow:

• title page;
• abstract;
• introduction;
• materials and methods part;
• results;
• discussion;
• bibliography.

Each section from listed above has particular and rather specific features of filling. There are some common rules as well. Thus writing a research paper you should be strict to stylistic demands such as follows:

• use direct composition order;
• insert page brakes;
• start every new paragraph a new line;
• underwrite all figures and tables;
• start each new section from a new page;
• use direct pages numeration;
• use double spaced intervals;
• use either 11 or 12 font size (better Times New Roman or Calibri);
• follow formal speech and avoid informal words and words combinations;
• omit tautology.

Basically, each part has similar guidelines but with some specifications. To learn more about it, one may appeal to write-my-research-paper service. In our case we will concentrate on research paper title page issues and try to extract some features to serve you a guide while writing your own one.

Making a title page

Research paper title pages like any other ones serve to provide appearance for a work completed. Forming a title page, one must point the information needed for a paper to be recognized. Here you should show:

• information about a writer;
• a date of performance;
• a topic title;
• information affiliation;
• the professors name.

Research paper title page is a page number one of your work and it should not be numbered (do not put page number on the first page). Though the volume information to point on a title page is rather small, there are a few recommendations to follow:

• express in direct order;
• be as informative as it is possible;
• do not show the information that is not required.

Generally, students do not have a lot of complications with research paper title pages. The only one rule to consider is always to ask for advice the professor or a consultant and check it before final period. In case if you still have some difficulties or lack of time – do not be nervous, buy term paper.