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What good research writing contains

1/            Good formatting

This is probably the first point that a teacher looks for. You cannot have a couple of long paragraphs of writing and hope to call it research. Instead, you need to know how to position your intro, your background study, methodology, literature review, discussion and evaluation. This is where your expertise as a good writer can be expressed. If you are not too sure about this order and formatting, please let us know.

2/-          Focused content

If a research paper does not contain the content that is in line with the research topic or question, it cannot qualify to be an academic research piece. You need to be sure of the question, analyze it completely and then bring in the content that will lead you to the logical end. This might sound like a challenging task; and yes, it is to some. However, if you are able to master the way in which an outline has to be framed and the paper has to be structured, you can have a good paper going.

3/-          Simple, but effective language

There is absolutely no need whatsoever to put across ideas in a fancy way. You can make your point without any problem by using words that are easily recognizable. Don’t think that a lot of jargon has to be used. Instead, keep your writing simple and your head clear when you want to express a point. When you put it across in simple terms, you are sure to make an impact with your reader.

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