Make the abstracts for research papers compact, concise and informative

abstract for research paperWriting an effective abstract requires good writing as well as language skills. You will need to summarize your entire data, research methodology, salient points of your topic and the conclusions that you have derived from your research work. Abstracts are placed at the beginning of the paper. Remember however that it would be good to work on your abstract for research paper writing after you have decided on the focus and contents of your paper. A skilled research paper writer should therefore be able to analyze and synthesize the significant points of his/her research paper abstract.

What is the purpose of writing an abstract?

Though abstracts for research papers are the shortest part of any research paper, it is the most difficult to write. An abstract is also an essential part of any research paper for the following reasons:-

1/-       It gives the reader a precise and clear idea of the contents of your research paper

2/-       The reader can judge the merits of your paper thus making a decision if your paper is worth the time spent reading it.

3/-       It enables other researchers to find relevant information at a quick glance instead of having to plod through an entire paper

Learn to write an effective abstract

Figuring out captivating topics and formulating appropriate thesis statements are not difficult compared to the preparation of an abstract for research paper writing! The most challenging aspect of abstract writing is not just the ability to compress your entire work but also presenting the relevant data in a concise and informative manner. Here are some tips from our skilled writers as to what an abstract should include:-

1/-       Topic

Mention the topic and the perspective from which you wish to handle the topic. This should be mentioned briefly.

2/-       Thesis statement

As this is the focal point of your research paper, formulate it as precisely as possible. As abstracts need to be short and brief, you cannot waste words on an elaborate thesis statement.

3/-       Methods and sources used

Though the conclusion and outcome of a topic might be the same, the methods and sources used to research the topic might reveal different aspects of discussion. Therefore it is important to mention the particular method you have used to achieve your perspective; and mentioning your various sources gives your work credibility.

4/-       Conclusion

It is important to restate the conclusions that you have derived from your research work.

5/-       Keywords

Keywords play an important role when writing an abstract. It helps the reader pick out the salient points and decide the importance and relevance of the research paper.

Why you need help from experts

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