Learn the techniques of writing good analytical research paper outlines from us

Analyzing an issue required a thorough knowledge of the topic on hand. You need to literally get under the skin of the whole issue to take a stand and present a particular viewpoint. In the recent past, there have been several analytical tools that are being put into use, trying to make the job of the researcher, easier. Getting into the groove of analyzing things could be approach with a little more ease if you know how to do an analytical research paper outline.

These are some of the points that you could remember when doing an outline for an analytical research paper.

Getting to know the topic and the background

Your analytical research paper outlines could be more meaningful only when you get a good idea about the background of the topic that you are going to work on. Your outline should be so formulated that there is provision for the inclusion of sufficient background data on the topic. For instance, when you are analyzing the way in which a particular product is to be launched into the market, it is necessary for you to know more about other such products that already exist. You also need to know about the standing that that particular firm has in the market in terms of being a good manufacturer or distributor.

Methods of analysis

Once you are clear about the topic, you need to see how the data on hand can be analyzed to support your thesis statement. The outline should also mention the methodology that will have to be employed. Take for instance an analytical research paper on the examination of data acquired through surveys and interviews. Let us imagine that market research for a product or a new product range is to be conducted. An outline would be effective only when it provides the rough framework for inclusion of certain questions and points. In this sample, the following points should be part of the outline-

1- list out similar products that are already in the market

2- details of the market share relating to these products

3- response of customers to the introduction of a new product

4- loyalty factor – is it evident; if so, towards which product


When an analytical research paper outline is formulated, it is essential to check for the inclusiveness factor. A rigid outline could result in the elimination of important factors. There should be sufficient provision of this inclusion of new points so that a balanced view is presented.


An analytical research paper outline would not be complete if there are insufficient points to put together a good concluding section. This part of the outline should contain the following points –

1- connection to the thesis statement

2- recall of methods used for analysis

3- limitations of analytical methods used

4- results obtained from the evaluation

5- final comments

Before you write any kind of outline, it would be wise to go through the samples that we have on our site. They would serve as good guides for the analytical research paper outlines that you need to do.