APA research paper examples – find as many as you need on this site

apa research paper exampleAre you serious about writing a good APA paper right now? If you are then you need to go through a good and well written APA research paper example. The only way that you can do this is to go through our site completely. If you are in a hurry to get started, just call us up and tell us what you need. You can find examples of any kind of research paper when you need one. All you need to do is be specific about your requirements.

More about APA formatting

APA stands for American Psychological Association. When you are talking about the APA format, it means that you are following the rules that are laid down by this association about academic paper writing. There are rules for all sorts of things that form a research paper. Whether you are talking about the size of the paper, the margins, the titles, the components or any other thing, you need to follow the APA’s specs.

The placement of the short title

Let us imagine that you are writing a paper that has a title that is fairly long. It could be one that is eight to twelve words in length. If you are wondering how to frame the first page, take a look at the APA research paper examples that we have. You will find that you have to put in a short title on the extreme right hand corner of the first page. You also need to remember that this short title appears right through your paper in the extreme right corner at the top of your page.

Margins and fonts

The one inch margin on all four sides of the paper – this is the norm in an APA paper. You should also bear in mind that Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman are the commonly used fonts. Well, don’t try anything like Gothic or Trebuchet. We do agree that they look snazzy; but they are not recommended for academic writing. You will see that our APA research paper example has only simple fonts.

Headings, subheadings etc

This is always a matter of concern for a student working on an APA paper. A student usually feels that it is necessary to highlight subheadings and headings or at least place them in capital letters. This is not allowed in the APA format. You need to ensure that they are written in title case. You also need to place them in the center of the page. Take a look at our APA example and you will have the opportunity to clear all your doubts.

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