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Some details about APA papers

This article might not be sufficient for us to tell you about APA research paper format and its main components. These are some general rules about the APA style that would be good for you to know.

1/         It is good to observe the one inch margin on all four sides

2/         Double line spacing is a must and there is no compromise on this

3/         Do not use the justify option; instead the whole text should be left-aligned

4/         It is not write to bring in hyphenated words at the end of a line

5/         12 point font is to be used and it should be a legible and simple font

6/         Do not submit APA papers that are handwritten; they should be typed

About the format of APA papers

Most of you might be aware of the fact that research papers need to have the following as the main sections:


-Rationale for the paper

-Literature Review


-Main discussion


-Evaluation of results and review

-Final comments and conclusion

As far as an APA paper is concerned, the components are the same. You have to make sure that these sections are found in your paper in preferably the same order. If you are wondering what has to go into each of these sections, please let us know. We do hope that this small write-up has put you at ease where APA papers are concerned. We do understand how difficult it must be for a student who is a newcomer to the research world to understand the nuances of APA styles.

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