Doing an argumentative research paper calls for a cool head and polite writing

Writing an argumentative research paper is certainly not as simple as arguing about an issue, with your friends and peers. You have to put down in writing, all the thoughts and ideas that you have, to support the arguments you care to make. Above all, it is important to be able to put down these ideas, without offending readers or those who have opinions that are not the same as yours. Once you realize that you are able to do this kind of essay, you can tackle some more difficult topics for essay writing.

Bear these points in mind while doing an argumentative research paper

–    Language – this is the most important issue that you have to concentrate on. You might think that this is a superfluous point to make, because you have already decided that your essay is going to be a very simple and straightforward one. The reason for reiterating this point about language is that, there is every possibility that the person who reads the essay could be offended by the bombastic turn of phrase you write. Therefore, keep it simple and precise; do not sound curt either.
–    Do not be aggressive or assertive when you write. It gives people the impression that you are not a balanced individual and hence you do not want to even contemplate another perspective. In reality, this is not so. It is possible that you believe in something and hence have a particular view of it; this certainly does not mean you are not capable of broadminded thought. It is therefore important that you make the reader understand that though you have a particular viewpoint, you are leaving the door open for further discussions on the issue. This will sound more professional and poised.
–    In your eagerness to present an argument, do not forget the basic format of a research paper. It is important to have a proper thesis statement in your introduction. It is equally important to have the right content in the main portion of your research paper, along with all the figures, tables and other data that pertain to your study.
–    Make sure that the summing up section or conclusion should be connected with the intro and the thesis statement that you have made at the beginning of the paper. If there is no correlation between the two, the purpose of writing this, would be defeated. If you have further doubts on the technicalities of writing an argumentative paper, you should take a look at some of our research paper examples. They would give you all the info that you need and be a model that you could follow.

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