We have an impressive list of biology research paper topics

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If you are a college student, you think of one or more of these topics –
–    The biological implications of stem cell research
–    Ethical issues in stem cell technology – is the world overreacting? You could look at the essay from the point of view of a biologist and present a very objective study.
–    Climate change and how it affects low lying countries like the Maldives
–    Global warming – is it a myth or a reality? What measures can be taken by an active conservation biologist to stem the inevitable disasters?
–    Cloning – is it the right thing to do? Are biologists trying to play god?
–    The theory of evolution
–    Testing of new medicines on animals
–    Emerging sub-fields in biology – biometrics, bioinformatics and so on
–    Debilitating diseases – how do we cope with them?
–    Nervous disorders in the elderly
–    Pediatric illnesses related to genetic make-ups

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