When deciding on a biology research topic, choose what is familiar

biology research topicsBiology is a subject that covers the study of living organisms, their structure, habitat, origin, functions in our ecology etc. As you can see it is a vast subject; and it can also involve the study of past life forms as well as the history of dead organisms. It is a broad subject and has a vast scope, and the topics of study often depend on the specialization of the student. Therefore the best way to decide on biology research topics is to explore the various fields or choose one from your prescribed textbook.

Criteria for choosing good topics

Writing a biology term paper or research paper might not be as difficult as deciding on an appropriate or interesting topic. Here are some guidelines on how to decide on a good topic for your biology paper:-

The topic is formulated based on the assignment question.

The biology research topic has to be appropriate to the specific guidelines and instructions are given by both the assignment question as well as your lecturer. The lines distinguishing the various sub-divisions in science is very fine, therefore ensure that it belongs to a specific subject area.

Evaluate the potential for a good research paper

The purpose of writing the biology paper is to impress your reader with your knowledge of the subject and topic. Therefore do you have sufficient researched materials, facts and evidence that can be developed to defend your hypothesis? Are they easily accessible? Can the topic create an impressive paper? These are some of the details you need to focus on before deciding on a topic.

Time management

Every student would definitely want to write the best possible paper. An interesting topic would definitely help make an impact on the reader. When choosing an interesting topic, you need to access its level of difficulty. Do you have the time to research this topic, create an outline, prepare a proposal for approval and write the final draft; all done before your deadline?

Once you have the answers for the above deciding factor, choosing an interesting topic would not be much of a problem. Here are some topic suggestions form our bank of biology research topics:

  1. Explain the term chimerism and its origins. What is the relation between stem cells and the manifestation of chimerism in humans? Mention a well-documented case study of this phenomenon.
  2. How are ecological imbalances caused? Explain with examples how this is affecting the climatic changes seen around the world.
  3. Discuss the structure, behavioral patterns, feeding habits and the propagation of the species Carcharodon carcharias. What are some of the myths surrounding this animal?

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