Useful Key to a Successful Research

Before beginning the research, the first and foremost step is to come to a decision on the research paper topic. From an academic perspective, research paper is an integral part of the curriculum for college students. A research paper is a representation of one’s subject matter understanding, methodical approach towards resolution of a problem, and report writing capabilities. Since it portrays several important competencies of an academic writer, it is crucial to select the correct research paper topics to start with.

There are a few guidelines which one can follow while deciding on the topic of research:

  • Identify the appropriate purpose: A research paper can be of different types like a narrative research paper, comparative research paper, argumentative research paper or a persuasive research paper. One first needs to identify what concept he wants to follow in research paper writing.
  • Interest area of the researcher: For sure, one can not write about Physics if his interest area and subject matter expertise is Sociology. But once the subject has been finalized, it still is an enormous task to select the topic from the subject of interest. In that case, one can finalize on a topic by analysing the subject on the following three guidelines.
  • Availability of expert advice: This is an important component in the process of research. It is advisable to select a research paper topic where independent expert advice is available which always valuable. Expert advice from professors or other industry experts would not only guide you but also provide you with innovative ideas of research. Custom research papers also available on various websites nowadays.
  • Accessibility to materials: Research is based out of facts and figures. One can not completely depend on first hand information since that is going to require manpower, travelling, and time. Secondary information should be readily available in the form of books, magazines, internet, articles and other research papers for immediate consultation.
  • Attention-grabbing subject matter: Also, the topic itself should be such that it invites attention and generally interests the person reading it. For example, if the subject of research is Psychology, the topic “All about dreams” would provoke more interest than “Schizophrenia” since dreams is more generalized. At any cost, one needs to avoid controversial research paper topics in any subject.
  • Available topics- Lastly, many academic institutions also suggest some topics of research. But again these should not be blindly selected since many of the students would already be going for them. Also, since most of the students would be selecting one of the suggested researched topics, it automatically means that same resources would be in demand, hence scarcity of supporting documents. If you want to be a bit different, it is advisable to think of your own topic. Also, it is wise if already researched topics are avoided.

So to summarize, to build a house, one needs to put the foundation right. Selecting a research paper topic is not easy at first, but once the correct thought process is in place, it is easier to make a start.