Follow the guidelines when you design the cover page for research paper

Designing the cover page for research paper could be a test of creativity. You need to be innovative as well as informative while designing the page. It largely depends on the topic and the academic levels of the student. Since it is the first page that your reader sees, it is important to make the right impression without sounding too dramatic and sensational. You could approach writing firms like us for guidance on how to come with the right kind of cover page for your research paper.

Points to consider

–    Your topic or title – let us imagine that you are doing a research paper on child mortality rates in a war-ravaged country like Afghanistan.  Your paper would have to give statistical data on these mortality rates and also go into the causes for the same. Considering this, your title should indicate the nature and scope of your study. A cover page for this kind of research paper could have a collage that brings together the elements of your study. Pictures of battlefronts, abandoned children, hospitals with nurses and doctors battling with scores of patients, soldiers in army uniforms – these could be the components of your collage. Your cover page could have all this in the background in a muted color. You could superimpose the title of your research paper on this collage.
–    The color of thecover page for research paper is an important factor to think of. Since most research papers focus on serious matters, it would be quite inappropriate to have a pink and flowery looking cover page. There are some students who think that it would be a good idea to have a few stick figures or cartoon pictures on the cover page. This is surely not an apt thing to do. So make sure that the page blends with the rest of the research paper.
–    Since you have to follow a particular style while writing, make sure that the cover page follows the rules of the particular style. If your research paper has to follow the MLA citation style, the cover paper also follows the same style. Any deviation from this could cost you dearly. You could lose a lot of marks if the proper style and format are not used.

Since it is so difficult to remember the guidelines while writing a research paper, we advise you to approach us for research paper tips. The other way of ensuring that you do things properly is to take a look at one of the many research paper examples that we have on our site. Whatever subject you are working on, it is possible for us to give you a sample that can be used as a guideline for writing a good research paper.

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