English research papers – make sure you are clear about the topic first

English is probably the most widely spoken language today. In most parts of the world, you could get by if you know the English tongue. Speaking the language is one thing; but writing it and using it for academic purposes, is a completely different ball game. When you mention the term ‘research paper’, it means that you are doing some detailed study on a specific topic for which you need to collect a lot of materials. Therefore an English research paper could be one wherein you are either researching some part of the English language or concentrating on some issue in English Literature. Either way it calls for a lot of study, hard work and above all, extensive reading. Make sure your research outline expertise is intact.

Some topics that you could think of working on in English

1/-   The history of the English language

It would be interesting to go back to a few hundreds of years ago to find out how English was spoken then. Old English and Middle English words and phrases might sound totally unconnected with what we use today. Your research paper could focus on the evolution of the language over this period of time and also comment on the origin of words. Go through good research paper sites like ours, for more info on this.

2/-    The influence of other languages on English

We have thousands of words that have been included in the English tongue. As many linguists would aver, when you work on English research papers you discover that English is probably the most inclusive language ever. There is a kind of flexibility to it that allows the acceptance and integration of various words and expressions from languages like French, Latin and so on.

3/-    Difficulties in learning the English language – do natives find it easier?

Learning to read, write and speak English could be a challenge to anybody who does not have the right attitude. You could use this as an English research paper topic and delve into the whole matter in a very detailed way.  While you are trying to master the language, if you are able to get into the right frame of mind, the task becomes a lot easier. Your English research paper could focus on case studies wherein the right attitude is a lot more important than the aptitude to pick up the language.

4/-    The history of English Literature

Just as one would go into the history of the English language, it would be quite interesting to research into the history of English Literature. With our help you can work out a good methodolgy for this; check out our research methodology example.

These are just some of the ideas that you could think of working on. Get in touch with us and let us know what specific area of English language or literature you are keen on focusing on. Once you have zoned in on the topic, you could take a look at our English research paper samples so that you have a better idea of how to approach the task. We have a lot of ideas that could help you work better on your English research papers. Get in touch with us today for a more informed way of researching and writing.