Do you know the rules of the different formats for research papers?

format for a research paperThere is no running away from writing any kind of research paper once you enter academic life. As such, students should take the time to understand and learn the different styles and the writing format for a research paper. There are basically three styles that are commonly used and each has its own rules and formatting methods. Here is a broad guideline to each of the styles:-

1/-          Presenting a paper in the APA style

This writing style is used for presenting papers in the social science disciplines. The distinguishing aspect of this style is found in the citation format. You will have to observe the in-text documentation of resources used written in the author-date format i.e. last name of the author followed by year of publication written within parenthesis. A complete detail of the source document is then listed on a separate page called the reference page. Each section of your paper i.e. the title page, abstract, text etc. should be presented on a separate page with a running header found on the first line of the page.

2/-          MLA style of writing

It is basically the same as the APA style but for a few changes. Instead of a separate title page, your name, your course name, instructor’s name etc. along with the title for your paper is written on the first page. In-text is written in parenthesis and the complete details of the reference material are written on a separate page called works cited page. You will also have to mention the year and place of publication along with the last name of the author.

3/-          Chicago style of writing

This style follows the similar pattern for the page format as in the APA and MLA style but there is no in-text citation. Instead citations done on every page in the form of footnote and the complete citation details are written at the end of your work as endnotes.

You will need to understand these formats for research papers thoroughly before starting work on your research papers. Sometimes teachers expect you to find out details on the formatting methods. You can get in touch with us; our expert writers would be able to furnish you with all the relevant details in any of the styles required.

Other formatting tips to think about

Format for a research paper also include aligning the title and contents, margins on all four sides, page numbering, spacing etc.  Besides these paper presenting specifications, you will also have to prepare an outline of your work as some professors require this. Presenting a research proposal for approval is also part of the format for any research oriented paper.

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