Go through some of these points to know more about formats for research papers

This is a brief write up about the elements that you need to keep in mind when you have research papers to work on. We understand how difficult it could be to keep track of the various points that are part of the format for research paper writing. You have rules about the size of the paper, the fonts, margins, lines, footnotes… well, the list could be never-ending! Our aim is to provide you with a short list of important points that could help format your work in a better and more correct way.

Here are the points to watch out for

1/-       Paper

It is always advisable to use paper that is popularly known as the A4 size. It is 8 ½ x 11 inches and is plain white without any hint or shades or self-printed lines. It is also advisable not to use erasable paper, as this tends to smudge a bit.

2/-       Paragraphs & Margins

It is necessary for you to ensure that each paragraph that you write is indented at least half an inch. If you have a huge quotation that is almost like a paragraph; set the whole quotation at least an inch from the margin. All margins should be one inch on all four sides.

3/-       Line spacing

Most guides and instructors want to you to ensure that in formats for research papers that follow the MLA style; double line spacing is put in. Most of the other styles follow the same double line spacing too.

4/-       Page numbers

It is good to place the page number in the right hand corner of each page on top; because this is the rule that the MLA citation style follows. The other point is that you need to include the last name of the student every page number too. You could use a running head to position this.

5/-       Headings

If it is an MLA paper, then you don’t need a title page; if it is an APA paper, then you need one. There is a certain format for research paper writing for title pages that you need to keep in mind if you are following the APA style – call us for info.

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Over a period of time, you are likely to understand the importance of following the rules that govern formats for research papers. You are also sure to understand how much of your marks depend on the right format. So make sure you learn it from the right source – this online firm!