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format of a research paperWhen presenting an academic paper, one of the details that you would be graded on is the format and structure of your written paper. Students are required to present their research papers in an eloquent well written systematic manner. Besides the formatting rules for the various styles, i.e. the APA, MLA and Chicago styles, you will also have to know the general writing format of a research paper. What are the general instructions that a student must adhere to when writing a research paper?

1/-          A well written research paper should consist of a title page, an abstract, table of contents and a list of illustrations, introduction, the body, conclusion and a reference.

2/-          Page numbering and spacing of your text is crucial. Numbering should be done using Arabic numerals, while spacing should be double or as per your professor’s instructions.

3/-          Providing visuals in the form of diagrams, charts and illustrations would make your research paper more appealing and attractive. This also helps to highlight your analysis and arguments. Ensure that all your diagrams and figures are properly labeled according to your text contents. You should provide a list of these diagrams in your table of contents page.

4/-          Creating the citations and reference page of any research work is very important. It must adhere to the rules of the formats of research papers. Each style has its own characteristic citation and referencing features and this is what sets it apart from each other. Citing your sources within parenthesis in the body of the text, then giving full details of these sources in the reference page would avoid you of being accused of plagiarism. You will need to acknowledge the author’s name, date and year of publication and also the title of the book.

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