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1/-       the components of a research paper

2/-       details of margins, line spacing and page numbers

3/-       arrangement of paragraphs, indentation etc.

4/-       arrangement of a title page and its contents

5/-       bringing in citations, sources etc

6/-       the overall presentation of the paper

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Important issues in academic writing

Formats, rules, citation styles and more – these are some of the key issues that you have to keep an eye out for when you want to master academic writing. You might think that learning about the format of research paper is important; equally essential is the need to bring in the right kind of content. In fact, there have been cases where students have presented research papers that are formatted well, but lack the necessary material. For instance, a paper that researches the premise of Milgram’s study on obedience has to contain a lot of evidence and relevant material on the topic. Instead, if you are more worried about the line spacing and paragraph formation, your grades are certainly not going to look good.

Where and how do we step in?

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