Free Sample Research Papers – be on your guard

Getting a free sample research paper might sound like one of the easiest things you could do. Unfortunately, there are a few strings attached that you need to be aware of. Free samples are available on just about every writing site that you see today on the net. However, there are very few of these samples that are genuinely ‘free’… sounds quite surprising, doesn’t it? If this is the first time you are looking through the net to get some free samples, then you should read through this article to get an idea of what some writing sites could do to fool you.

1.    If there is a bit bright header screaming out at you that says ‘free sample research papers available here’, keep scrolling down. You will see a couple of links that give you different categories of research papers – most of the time subdivided according to subjects. Click on any of these papers and begin reading. When you are less than 30% through the paper, you will find that there is a small message box that pops up with this message: ‘sign up’. If you fall for the bait and do sign up with the writing service, you will get another message that very cleverly informs you that you can get this paper free when you buy another paper that is priced at ‘just $13.99 per page’! Wow! That’s one fantastic offer, isn’t it!

2.    There is one more trick in the book you should be wary of. When you get half way through a so called free sample research paper you can see a very diplomatic message that reads as follows. ‘We don’t charge you for this paper; you can download it free of cost. Help us build up our cache of free papers by contributing one of your own.’ In short, you need to contribute a paper in order to be able to download a ‘free’ one. Why would you want to contribute a paper when you are looking for one, yourself? It does not make sense at all, does it?

This site is quite unlike the ones that are mentioned in the two points given above. We are very clear and straightforward in what we can offer and how we go about it. We don’t believe in charging prices that are rock-bottom low. This is because we have some of the best writers on hand; you will agree that to get quality work, you need to pay. We also believe that since you are a discerning customer, you would be prepared to go the extra mile for quality work.

It is our fervent hope that you will not get taken up with all the wild promises and unbelievable freebies that are on offer on many sites today. Not all free sample research papers are really free and you need to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Get in touch with us to know more about research paper formats and rubrics; our professional help is worth the money we charge.