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1/-  Introduction – it is important to specify the focus of your term paper in your intro. Do not wait to go into the second or third chapter to explain what you intend working on in your term paper. For instance, if you have decided to examine the crime rate in a city like New York, you would have to indicate how you are going to go about this lengthy procedure. To begin with, this sounds like a very ambitious project to take up. You cannot hope to get the info unless you have access to records that are in government archives. It is therefore important to be clear about the range of the subject before beginning to work on the term paper.

2/-  General arrangements. If you take the time to go through our free term paper samples, you will understand how each section of a term paper is arranged. There is a particular sequence that you need to follow to maintain the correct format of the paper. Without this, it would appear to be a very haphazard presentation that does not follow any logical order.

3/-  Conclusion. When you are talking about a free sample term paper format, it is relevant to read through the conclusion of this sample carefully. You will find that the entire thrust of the term paper has been summed up in the conclusion. On the one hand you have all the threads being tied up in the conclusion. On the other hand you have statements that highlight your findings and put them across as results, suggestions or recommendations.

4/-  References. Make sure that you give a comprehensive list of all the books, website, magazines, journals, archives and all other sources that you have made use of in your term paper. No term paper is complete without these lists of references. Make sure you follow the specified format here.

Our free sample term paper formats are useful to students of varied subjects. Take time to go through these samples before you attempt a term paper on your own. It is important that you know the rules and the basics before you start your term paper writing assignment.