One of the common topics assigned by academic institutions is holocaust. In fact many universities have specific papers related to holocaust and writing holocaust research papers hence have become a widespread activity. Just to give you a background, holocaust itself refers to the painful massacre committed by the Nazi government on Jews where masses of Jews were killed indiscriminately during World War II. One might get an opportunity to choose the specific research paper topic in holocaust while some might just be allotted a topic. Despite the almost limitless sources available, students still have difficulty narrowing an area of focus.

Before you do your research paper outlining, you must first realize how your holocaust research paper would eventually be evaluated. This important to understand first and only then would you be able to focus your thesis. Usually evaluation for holocaust research papers is done based on the following parameters:

1. Quality of historical content.
2. How well you prove your thesis (not only present a description but also draw conclusions).
3. How well you explain your historical points.
4. How well you evaluate your historical points.
5. Organization, usage, mechanics, and style.
6. A specific evaluation sheet will be provided for each step.

Another important factor that plays a major role in structuring your holocaust research papers is the availability of research material and your primary and secondary sources of research. Since a lot has already been written on these topics, it is advisable to keep a mix of various sources of research material. These should ideally include the following:

1. A minimum of four to five academic sources are required.
2. Sources must also include 1 first person and/or survivor of the incident. This way you can get first hand information.
3. Only one source may be an encyclopedia. It is advisable to refer to a well know encyclopedia like Americana or Britannica.
4. A few internet sources. The number of internet sources should not exceed 3-4.
5. Check historical journals for articles.

Also, topics for holocaust are widely available. Some of the widely used topics for research are:

• Culturally induced violence
• The contagiousness of prejudices, hatred, and violence
• The Holocaust is a business: as started by the Germans.
• Violence induced by World War II
• Post Holocaust developments
• Formation of Israel as a state as an after effect of Holocaust
• The Holocaust and Anti-Semitism
• The silence of the churches

Any style of writing, especially an academic topic like holocaust research paper first needs to be understood in absolute terms before starting to write. You can get great research paper help in case if you want to understand holocaust research papers in detail or even look at buying research paper samples. In the end it does make a difference to the quality of your research paper if you seek some professional help.