There are quite a few ways – learn how to cite research paper now!

Once you have made up your mind to do some research it is important for you to be prepared to do a lot of work. You cannot expect this to be as easy as the work that you did when you were in high school. It takes a lot more time and a whole lot of concentration to ensure that you finish your paper in time. If you know how to cite research paper you will be able to make the right kind of impression on your guide. He is sure to be happy that you know the various formats and styles of citations that can be used in a research paper.

Using a particular citation style:

It is important to remember that whatever style your guide asks you to follow in your thesis, it is essential that the same style is made use of throughout the paper. If there is a change in style, it will be a case of wrong format or thesis structure. Usually, the year of publication and the page is included in your research paper writing. This would be clearly understood with this example. If the MLA style is being used in your paper, you would write it like this: (Smith 23) – this refers to page 23 of the book written by a person called John Smith.

It is not enough if you write this within your essay. At the end of the whole thesis, you need to devote a section to all the citations that you have made in your essay. Therefore, details of the book written by this author and all other authors will be included so that the reader of your thesis is clearly aware that you have made use of the author’s book. Hence, learn how to cite research paper properly.

Citing different works:

The method of citation for various works changes from style to style. Since there are many different kinds of writing, it is possible that the same author John Smith has written books, articles and also published writing on the internet. Each of these sources has to be cited in a different way. Whatever is the kind of citation done; all the details will have to be given. In short, details of publication, (year and name of publisher) page number or number and names of editors will be listed.

In the case of internet based sources, you also need to give the URL of the website from which the whole info was taken. Any source that is not cited in the last page or ‘works cited’ list can be claimed to be plagiarized. Hence, if you know how to cite research paper it will ensure that you are never accused of using the work of others. If you are going to cite the paper you have done earlier in a paper that you are doing now, the same rules of citation apply. Make sure you give details of where you have published your first paper. Also ensure that the title of the journal or medium in which you published it, are mentioned.