How to prepare research papers – learn to be systematic

If you want to learn how to prepare a research paper you need to gear yourself up for some real hard work. Research paper writing is certainly not child’s play and should not be treated the same. There are many writing sites who would like you to believe otherwise; they make this activity sound like a simple essay which requires just a trifle more effort! Here at this site, we present you the facts as they are. We do not believe in pulling the wool over your eyes till the very last day when you finally wake to find that you are sitting on a veritable time bomb. Instead, we introduce you to the various activities of research paper writing in a gradual and systematic way.

In the last decade, there has been a surge of activity in the IT field that has focused on writing aids. You have advanced spell checkers, grammar tools and an enormous number of automated templates that seem to make your work easier. Please remember that all these should be treated with due respect to their inherent limitations of use. Though they profess to make the research writer’s work simple, it is necessary to understand the actual process of learning how to prepare research papers.

Basic steps that could help you do your research paper well

1.    Understand the subject area before you choose your topic
2.    Toss around ideas in your head and make notes if you need to
3.    Try brainstorming with your peers and guides when you can
4.    Zone in on the topic or, if necessary, shortlist a few
5.    Once the topic is ready, begin your rough outline on how you will approach it
6.    Begin the data collection phase – try to organize this right from the start
7.    Constantly keep your outline in mind and change it, if necessary
8.    Understand the methodology you will follow and make a note of it too
9.    Begin the writing of your thesis statement – this is an important step
10.    Update your outline to include the body of the essay
11.    Identify the right analytical tools and assess their workability
12.    Get your concluding statements ready; check if they support your thesis statement
13.    Put in your references or bibliography section – make sure it is well formatted
14.    Put in the abstract, title page, contents page, acknowledgement and so on.
15.    Proofread your work thoroughly – consult someone if it is necessary

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