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If you are a student who is still wondering what topic to work on for your research paper writing, it means that you have not yet gone through our website fully. There are so many interesting topics that you could think of working on that it is quite difficult to identify just one particular subject. It is for this simple reason that we request you to use our writing and allied services to find the right kind of topic that you can work on and get the required grades. We do understand the practical difficulties in identifying suitable topics; but we are able to service our client requests because of the high levels of academic excellence our writers possess.

Let us imagine that you are keen on pursuing Ethical Studies as a subject at undergrad level. There are many areas in this subject that could have quite a few interesting topics to work on. The point is to be able to zone in on them; try these for a start –

  1. Mercy killing or euthanasia as it is also known is a hotly debated topic today. There is a person who is living on life support and will cease to breathe, once all artificial forms of support are taken away.  There is the question of whether or not he should be allowed to die. Does one human being have the right to decide whether another one can live or not? This is the ethical question that you need to answer. You could bring into your research paper, all the arguments for and against euthanasia and then decide whether or not you want to take a stand. Your research could either look at an argument and the sides to it or you could just describe the various arguments that you have covered in your preliminary research. Of course, you could take a look at our research paper examples if you are running short of ideas.
  2. Female feticide in developing countries – this again is another controversial subject that you could think of tackling. Please remember that any contentious or debatable subject could get you into a soup, if you are not careful about what you say. Make sure that you make statements that are corroborated with proper evidence. Only then, your interesting topics can develop into good research papers.
  3. Death penalty – this is yet another ethical issue that is quite dicey to handle. You could examine whether or not it is ethically right to kill a person as punishment for heinous crimes that are committed. You could also examine whether or not the death penalty is a deterrent to crime.

Whatever may be the interesting topics that you work on it is necessary that you focus on it in a proper and sequential way. Make sure you have all the case studies and supporting info. Present your paper well and ensure you have a good thesis statement and logical decisions to follow. If you are worried about finding out more info, get our help today.