Think of all possibilities before you start writing a literary research paper

When you decide to do research paper writing, it is obvious that you have been studying the subject for a fair length of time. You would certainly not embark on something that is so serious and absorbing, just a month after you start a course. This is not a laughing matter and requires a great deal of skill and back-breaking work. More than anything else, it requires the right kind of mindset to ensure that you sit down to a lot of reference books and get info on the topic that you have chosen. Hence a literary research paper requires your complete concentration and time.

The features of a research paper that focuses on literary writings:

A literary research paper has to be written according to certain conventions and norms, which may have slight variations in different academic circles. The principle of ‘general’ to the ‘particular’ is applied in choosing a topic for the paper to be presented. There is a process of narrowing down of forms.

Some ideas for a literary paper:

One could do a paper on what literature is all about and make it like a general study. Another idea is to look at a topic that has already been done from a different point of view. Both these are literary topics – one is general in nature and the other refers to a particular topic. Most of the time, the latter is preferred both by the mentor as well as the educational institution that is awarding the grade for the same. Nobody would be interested in reading a bit of writing unless it provided some real meat! In other words, there should be meaning in the paper and not a mere rendering of something old in a new form.

Focusing on writers and their works:

While doing a literary paper, it is often found that scholars prefer working on a subject that is fairly well known. They do feel that this is a safe bet and that their would would be looked upon quite leniently. Actually this is not entirely the case. There are quite a few institutions that would help their scholars work on authors who are contemporary and relatively unknown. You might wonder what good would come of this. Well the benefits are manifold.

For one, this is a good way of recognizing talent that has been ignored till now. Also, it gives the scholar a chance to create a researchable database on a new author that could well be the foundation for many more such papers. It is for this reason that many guides ask their students to present a list of new writers, poets and other literary personalities so that the task of zoning in the right person becomes relatively easy.

It is therefore high time people looked beyond the ordinary while looking for an idea to do a good literary research paper. Think about the sources that you could use and also the length of the research paper writing that you would have to do, before actually beginning your work.